I am not a country music fan....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by elguapo, Oct 23, 2007.

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    But I dig this tune, and what it says! :)

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    My girlfriends dad did that with a Para Warthog the first time I met him... he didn't know I love guns. "Been looking forward to meeting you Sir, and it's a pleasure... is that a Warthog?" My girlfriend threw her hands in the air and left the room. I had to get him back when he came to visit us, when he came in the door I had my WASR-10 stripped on the coffee table, and was finishing wiping down my 1911, he just laughed.

  3. That is a great song I have never heard it before. I really like it alot now I have to let my wife hear it.....lol....We are having a girl so I know that one day I will be in the same situation.Ain't it nice that my wife also carrys a gun to.....lol.....I have already had to run off some little punk kids that my sister brought around. If you ask my sister im one mean mother F&*($r. I have always been into country and rock.
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    country music is real life homie :D classic rock,motown,and blues for me too.Best concert was moody waters and eric clapton at the toledo sports arena in I think 79 the "cocain"tour 8)
  5. Best concert I ever went to was the last Pink Floyd world tour. That damn concert rocked out!
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    its a small world. I have seen dozens of concerts as well as hockey games at the toledo sports arena. sorry to inform you billybybose they are in the process of tearing the old arena down. building a new hockey arena near the new baseall field on the other side of the river. best concert stevie ray vaughn at the toledo zoo amphitheatre a few months before he died. oh and in the words of david allen coe "if that aint country you can kiss my a$$." if you have never heard that song look it up.

  7. After listening to this song about 3 times, I have to agree with you my friend. That song is cool. I am all about a good diversity of music, and usually country and gansta rap are excluded from the in crowd... That song spoke to me. Thank you for posting it Elguapo.
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    Well, I like country, to a point: I dont like much "Modern" stuff...sounds canned, and still says the same thing that others have done. Besides, being beat on the head with the older stuff by my parents, I never listened to it till it "went out of style". That being said, its a shorter list of music that I DONT like, vs music I do.
    I dont have a daughter, but have neices....and I had a hand in raising them, as well as my nephews...so I have SOME experience with the parental role.
  9. #1. I'm a good 'ol boy so I can really relate to this. I do have a daughter. I may have to find a copy of this to play for her future "dates".

    I've got a routine worked out. I can be conspicuously out back firing the Msoin when the prospective date arrives and open with a line something like, "Howdy boy! Shees these things sure do kick! See that pile of scraps down there. That used to be a hard clay pot. You know that the human skulls is about the same density. Just a curious fact. So anyway, what're y'all planning to do tonight?"

  10. Gotta love it! Having heard simaler speeches when I was young and expecting to be giving them soon.......Not a country fan, but I love this one.