I am pissed at Hipoint Firearms

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  1. Ordered something from them on 1/20 and I have received nothing, no product or confirmation email. I have emailed them the last 3 days with no answer. I just tried to call them and it was busy.

    Looks like they would at least answer a email or something, not very good customer service on the www.hi-pointfirearms.net
  2. That is strange, they are usually pretty good at taking care of stuff like that. Did you email Shirley Deeb? She takes care of all of the online orders as far as I know.

  3. Re: I am hacked at Hipoint Firearms

    I got them on the phone and they had no idea as to why it didn't ship !
    Never explained why they didn't answer the emails, but they are shipping it out tomorrow with a free black Baseball cap.

    I'm not so mad at them now !
  4. Yes they do have very good customer service. I just emailed her yesterday and today and she replied back in 4 hour or less.

    Also, I called up just a few minutes ago about a magazine inquiry and they pick up the phone right away and gave me all the info I asked for (was not what I wanted to hear but she was very polite and informative).
  5. That explains it, they are always busy with you when i try to contact them :D

    They do seem to have bare bones staff. The lady I spoke with said "The lady that does the internet sales isn't in" , one person doing it all !
  6. When you figure the overhead they have vs the profit they make per weapon they probably have to keep everything limited as much as possible so they can turn a profit.

    Heck, there are forum members that have called in for something and ended up talking with the owner of Hi Point.

    We are not talking a glock or Colt where they can count on a couple hundred bucks extra just for the name ;)
  7. No matter how good a company is at customer service there will always be something that slips thru the cracks. In my experience the only firearms maker that even comes close to Beemiller in customer service is Ruger.
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    I agree, however I have to say Phillips and Rogers beats both. I had the hammer spur snap off my Medusa revolver, and was able to track down one of the owners of the ex-company (which is supposed to start production again :D ) and he not only fittted a new hammer and trigger to the pistol, he shipped three extra spares along with it that he had also hand fitted. If your wondering what they made type Medusa revolver into a search engine. Still of all the companies I have dealt with Hi-Point ranks #2. I just hope they keep up the good work.
  9. I remember reading about the Medusa revolver years ago. The magazine reviewed one which could shoot several different calibers of ammo in it, due to the cylinder design. I always wondered what happened to that company.

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    Re: I am hacked at Hipoint Firearms

    Man your cheap you can be bought with a free black cap :wink: :wink:

    Even folks with great customer service can make mistakes and or have an off day..
  12. I like the black cap, have to have one.
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    Ari I will PM you with info you want.
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    OOps, I meant Freedom Sorry :oops:
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    Another company that offers very good customer service is North American Arms in Utah
    They have the same type of warranty if you broke it we'll fix it
    They make several small caliber revolvers, as well as some very nice black-powder 22 caliber revolvers, as well as some "pocket sized" semi-automatic pistols. About a year and a half ago, I ordered one of their black-powder revolvers over the phone with my amateur radio call sign as the serial number and it was at my door in less than three weeks, then I had a cartridge model 22 LR/ 22 WMR made with my call sign plus 2 as it's serial number which is a very cool matching set. I will probably have a third mini 22LR muzzle-loader made with "1" added after my call to complete the set. They only charged $25 additional to the list price. Which makes for a truly one of a kind type of gift for the guy/gal that has everything. They were, and are always willing to talk with you about any questions, they are also a small, but very customer oriented, company and they also sponsor a web forum, and the president, and the customer service department keep track of it as well, thus kind of keeping the finger on the pulse of their customer base. If you make a posting that they feel warrants them to comment, you usually see it within about 24-48 hours.
    They were originally designed by Dick Casull, (the .454 Casull guy) and have since become their own entity.

  16. Sorry, Guys!!!

    I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I was having trouble on my website. I'm sorry I did not get back to you as quickly as I normally do. :oops: Shirley Deeb
  17. Shirley,
    I started another thread concerning this because Sissie (sp?) took care of me this week. Tell her thanks !!
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    Re: Sorry, Guys!!!

    Don't worry, you're the best in my book. Got back with my very quickly on two different things and shipped my order fast! No complaints here, and you can look forward to hearing from me again!