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Hey everybody, little teaser for you. I just bought several parts to upgrade my ATI 995. Some of the parts are just "tacticool" while some others have real value. I'll have install pictures and a review of each part in about a week. But for now, you guys just get pictures of the parts.
You are looking at an Eotech 552 clone, 12" X 0.64" PICATINNY blank rail, An aluminum charging handel, an aluminum extended trigger, a UTG swivel stud mounting bi-pod, 3x Magnifier Aimpoint clone, and a pair of Magpul PTS fold-able BUIS. I still need to get a flash hider, mag release and some Duracoat, but other than that, my carbine is modded to my tastes. What you you guys think so far?


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I didn't think you guys would want the prices but I'll throw them up if you want them, all prices include shipping and are rounded up.

Eotech 552 clone, Cost 55.00 USD Bought From ebairsoft.com
12" X 0.64" PICATINNY blank rail, Cost 18.00 USD Bought From ebay.com
aluminum charging handel, Cost 20.00 USD Bought From ebay.com
aluminum extended trigger, Cost 28.00 USD Bought From ebay.com
UTG swivel stud mounting bi-pod, Cost 29.00 USD Bought From ebay.com
3x Magnifier Aimpoint clone, Cost 65.00 USD Bought From ebay.com
Magpul PTS fold-able BUIS, Cost 94.00 USD Bought From ebairsoft.com

Overall I spent about 309 USD however it only cost be about 80 as I sold several sets of Revision Sawfly shooting glasses to fund this project.
(EDIT) WOW, adding that up made me realize that I spent more on add-ons than I did on the gun...its a good feeling!
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