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I bought many new parts, EBR on the way!

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Hey everybody, little teaser for you. I just bought several parts to upgrade my ATI 995. Some of the parts are just "tacticool" while some others have real value. I'll have install pictures and a review of each part in about a week. But for now, you guys just get pictures of the parts.
You are looking at an Eotech 552 clone, 12" X 0.64" PICATINNY blank rail, An aluminum charging handel, an aluminum extended trigger, a UTG swivel stud mounting bi-pod, 3x Magnifier Aimpoint clone, and a pair of Magpul PTS fold-able BUIS. I still need to get a flash hider, mag release and some Duracoat, but other than that, my carbine is modded to my tastes. What you you guys think so far?

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Can't wait until it's finished..........where did you get the parts?

Give us the details on the sources and the prices. Many thanks.
Terrificly helpful post...........thank you!.......nt

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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