I can not stress gun safety enough... Please read

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    Linkey no workey...

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    Working for me now too.
  3. Its always sad to hear of someone loosing their life like this.

    Its almost always because they get careless about the basic rules of shooting safety I think.

    Some good does come out of it though, it makes the rest of us double check our weapons, even if just for a while until the next accident happens
  4. Often a headline like this is used to cover up suicide. It doesn't matter what the real story is though; the family is surely devastated either way.
  5. That's what my wife worries about... and myself too, I guess. Y'know, being too comfortable with a firearm and then an accident occuring.
  6. What a shame. My heart goes out to his family.
  7. agree..... our prayers are with the family for sure.

    to add......... I REALLY try my hardest to keep my head in the game when handling the guns. The other day, I had the guns out, checked and reloaded to put back into the ready safe. Had the gun in my right hand, fingers in right place of course. The door to the safe wasn't opened far enough so I transferred the gun to my left hand to open the door with my right. When I went to put the gun into the safe, with my left hand, I realized my finger was on the trigger!!! I've spent hours training my RIGHT trigger finger to be where it needs to be - but NOT my left. I was horrified to say the least.

    That's how fast something could've happened. Bad me. I have another practice drill to add now...... :roll:
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    what a shame, I am sad to hear this.
  9. I think if we all admit it, we have some things we could clean up in our handling. You are right, we have to keep working on it all the time.
  10. I feel really bad for the officer and his family.

    He probably has quite a bit more than 20 years gun experience too.

    Something I wonder about, the amount of guys who have a beer or two when they are doing things like cleaning their guns. I don't drink so I don't need to worry bout that but i worry about people who like to partake in a beer or so while doing things like reloading or cleaning guns.

    Sounds innocent enough but I wonder how many accidental discharges are caused by a slight buzz blurring your good judgment?

    BTW I am in no way inferring that this officer was drinking anything at all, its just something that I worry about.
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    I drink beer, but never touch either tools, cars, or guns while doing so. I havnt been bit, but something in back of my head said that all parts present/no extra holes was a good lifelong plan, and I planned accordingly.
  12. I've had a beer while cleaning.

    My cleaning routine is take gun from safe, unload gun, check, recheck, take gun with cleaning supplies and NO ammo to kitchen table. Turn on TV, sit, clean, relax, enjoy. When all is said and done, clean up, take gun(s) to safe, reload and store.

    But...... no longer. So, thanks for asking the question.
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  14. Back in my drinking days I worked on many a car with my buddies, but no gunplay.

    Now no drink, so both working on cars and guns are safer.
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    Very sad to hear...I'll admit Ive had a misfire in my home...the very weekend after I brought home the 995 and the XD9, I was dry firing the XD9...pulled the slide back, and dry fired again....except I could no longer hear anything and I could smell gunpowder...yup, you guessed it. Right between my feet, into the floor, through the vent, out the ceiling of the room below and into the wall....thankfully I was the only one in the house at the time, but still scared the bejeesus out of me...I dont even keep an empty mag in the 995 anymore, and I gave the XD9 (the gun it happened with) to my dad. Its his home defense weapon now, replacing the old S&W revolver he had...