I cannot view posted photos and most avitars

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  1. I cannot view posted photos, just get the little X in a red square. Same with most avitars. Must be a problem on my end. I'm using Windows XP Home Edition.

    People email me photos all the time - it's only on this forum that I cannot view photos.

    Anybody have an idea?

  2. What browser are you using? On Firefox, there an option under Tools -> Options -> Content: "Load images automatically". If that's not checked this could cause your problem.

    Not too sure about IE, but there's probably something similar.

  3. Mike_AZ

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    Sounds like you are not getting to photobucket.com
  4. Consider yourself lucky ...... some of the avatars are extreamly distracting. ;-)
  5. Hmmm... good thought. Do you have to have a Photobucket account to see images from it? I don't remember.
  6. 3daughters

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    You do not need a photobucket account. Your settings may not be running "scripts" or be turned off to "embedded links". That is another option.
  7. Strangerous

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    Photobucket does have maintenance periods at times... My avartar is not distracting to normal people. :lol:
  8. I looked through IE Tools and Internet Options and can't find anything that would either enable me to see photos that you guys post or to disable it. This is the only forum that has this situation for me. Thanks anyway.
  9. Sometimes it can be your internet connection. For me here at work I can not load many photos on my worm machine, so I gotta wait till I get home. The photos basically time out, the browser will skip loading them to speed up the rest of the page load time. I get about 1/5 avatars to load, and 1/10 pics posted to load on average, butr there are days it's so bogged down that I cant even load the forum without a few tries. Not saying this is your problem, but something to consider.
  10. Thanks Taurus, I'll check. However my Ridgeline Owners Club forum is set up the same way and I get all the photos on that one. I'll keep poking around.
  11. Grizzfan, kinda off topic, but why do you have so many guns in your arsenal that have never been fired?
  12. The mod we have is for Vbulletin only. But he said there is a version for phpBB as well. If you can let me know what version your running he'll find it and let me know. Thanks. :)
  13. PrimalSeal asks:

    I just collect the things mainly and during the winter in Montana it's too darn cold to shoot outdoors. There are a couple of ranges just outside town and I guess I need to join one. BTW, the guns are all locked up in two safes.
  14. Wildman says:

    I'm in stupid mode here! You ask 'what version your running'. Version of what?

  15. I just figured it out, I think. Here's what you do:

    Go to www.photobucket and register.
    Ensure that, if you have a firewall device like K9, you allow photobucket to work on your computer 'permanently'.

    Wollah! Pictures.