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    Preface: When I started typing this I was 10 sheets to the wind, by the time I was finished I realized its really long winded and nobody gives a shart of my opinions.

    I cant be the ONLY one:

    First let me begin by saying I realize my viewpoints and perspectives are not the same as everyone else. I get this and I understand that I may be a bit deranged and in a constant state of inebriation.

    However, FFS, For Realz, WTF, and come on.

    I was set over the edge by a couple of posts on Facebook.

    They seemed harmless when posted but the responses sent me off the deep end.

    All 3 of them. Yes I realize earlier I said a couple. You have to understand, I subscribe to the belief that there are 3 kinds of people on this planet, those who can count and those who cant.

    The first was as confrontation on a sale.........the particulars dont matter much, other than to say the guy price bashing was a moron. A .45 with extra mag, 100rds, case, sweet stippling (some of the best Ive seen) was surely worth the orginal $250 the guy was asking, but he was being bashed at his edited price of $200obo. While not in the market for this gun I stepped in on his behalf and defended its value til I was blue in the face and punched my desk at the retard belittling it. In the end, last I heard at least it was PPU at $200.

    Next was mere moments ago on the HiPoints Facebook page.
    Some fella believing himself to post the next funniest home videos bit layed upon us a clear abomination of gun safety. While I admit at first I was distraught, I quickly realized heres a fella just like me who thought what his wife had done was charmingly funny. So I quickly altered my state of mind and posted to the equivalent.

    And of course last but not least. The third of two for those who cant count. This is someone on facebook whom I have watched for a couple of months. I have had serious reservations about this fella. He originally posted questions about handguns and then later revealed he was under age. He indicated he was a month or so away from 21. He recently posted several things about wanting to purchase a 9mm.

    After viewing his profile for a bit and determining he might have reached his Bday I decided hes probably reached legal age. Still no real legal reach here because I wont do business with him. But I thought I might watch this fella to be sure he didnt get screwed by some unscroupulus arseholes on Facebook. I dont know why, just some weird parental bullshart I have.

    I noticed in one of his postings he mentioned he was told to steer well clear of anything HiPoint.

    To cut this long winded POS thread short I PM a (gosh who figured) 7 paragraph message about how stupid his previous advice was.

    Point of it all, I cant be the only one tired of defending HiPoint????
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  2. I'm so tired of defending HPs to uneducated people that I just don't anymore, let them have their bull**** opinions, we have never claimed they are the end all gun, but for the price they are excellent, but everyone is just so thick that they refuse to accept the facts.
    Honestly if someone has the money I will recommend something better, but when someone only has a $200 budget there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

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    I've heard folks say,"HP are so dam Heavy" I found this to help a bit for folks that have trouble with Recoil with larger cal hand guns.... Some folks are always trying to get their best price.
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    People need to defend the price they paid for their gun. If they went out and bought a $1,000 HK all guns that cost less than HK are inferior. I have seen and heard people call Glocks tupperware. The funny thing is I had my tuperware on me. Their 3 lb real steel gun is in the safe.

    I own a 357mag revolver with a 10" barrel myself. It is a good hunting companion. The rest of the time the gun is the pouch on the side of my recliner. If someone decides to break in the front door or window they are going to catch a 180gr hollow point.
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    YOU must have THICK skin to own a Hi Point!

    I surely could afford other guns beside HP's. But I couldn't afford 50 other guns beside Hi Points.
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    You are 100% correct Sir.
  7. mr_flintstone

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    I'm glad that I didn't listen to all the naysayers when I bought my first Hi Point. I was perplexed at the disparity in reviews between the online reviewers and actual owners. The vast majority of owners loved their guns and reported near 100% reliability. Most reviewers said they were crap; and don't waste your time. There was one kind of favorable review over at TTAG. They said Hi Points were butt ugly and heavy as lead, but they went bang every time.

    These "haters" have created an urban legend that Hi Points are junk; and we all know how hard it is to kill an urban legend. Shoot, there are people who think Hitler is still alive; even though he was in failing health in 1945, and he would be 115 years old.
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    This "urban legend" most likely comes from the Mag problems folks have with the C-9. It is a problem.. but its not a problem that can't be fixed fairly easy. Most folks that go out and pay 600 to 800 or more for semi-auto hand gun don't want admit it doesn't work 100%.
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    Forget about Facebook altogether as its the most annoying thing evah anyway....:rolleyes:
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    Here is how I look at it: If you found a goldmine in the hills around your home, and someone argued with you and told you there was no gold there.... would you continue arguing and try to prove it to them? No you would not... you would have your gold and not give a crap whether they get any or not. ;)

    I would almost wager that anyone who bashes the Hi-Points as cheap would not hesitate to extol the virtues of owning a $99.00 Mosin Nagant.

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    My LGS sells a lot of HiPoints, I asked him why and he said they were the most reliable brand he has sold. Sure they are heavy and can double as a club or a hammer, sure the mag lips have to be tweaked on the C9 but once set there are no issues, I have ran 1500 rounds through mine(I really should clean it one of these years). It hangs next to the bed for the possible night break in. Pk380 hangs next to it and will be in my left hand while the C9 is in my right. I am used to seeing in the dark and no need to hold a flashlight, nobody I know as family or friend would break the door down in the middle of the night so that person shape is a target
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    I closed my FB account two years ago. Too many idiots and weirdo's.
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    Yes, there are a few of us on both FB & HPFF!