I can't decide how I feel about this Mosin...

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  1. This ought to get some comments; I found it on another forum:


    "7.62 X 54R: Turning cover into concealment since 1891." :D

  2. Yeah I saw that on another forum too. I just don't get the point of a tacticool bolt action.

  3. neothespian

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    Dear. God.

    What IS that hideous thing? Is that...what....FOUR scope attachments?

  4. Mike_AZ

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    Well, that is certainly something. :shock:
  5. I don't think there's any point to it; I'm just struggling to decide whether or not it's funny-cool or funny-stupid. I mean, there's a certain amount of wry humor involved with a project like that. You have to at least appreciate the time and effort that went into building something that obviously took some work, just to get a laugh. Nobody that's that good at putting together a weapon builds that rifle for any sort of serious purpose. That isn't some duct-tape bubba job, whoever built it is a pro. With a sense of humor. Make a heck of an entry gun. :D Man-stopping power with a built-in flamethrower.

    PS Neo: "Dear. God. What IS that hideous thing?"
    I kinda felt that same way about Zoe's mare's-leg and Jayne's "Vera". Then they sorta grew on me.
  6. I woudl enjoy seeing the fireball that comes out of that thing though.
  7. Personally I think that guy just took a massive crap on a piece of history. He took a perfectly good rifle and made it into some monstrosity. Yeah, I think it's funny because the guy looks like a tool, so I guess that would be the funny-stupid way.
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    Awww..... You can't be bagging on Jayne's Vera. I mean, ANY man who'd only let his gun go in order to trade it for another man's wife REALLY has an attachment to such a thing. And no matter what the gun looks like, you know it's love....

    Although I am impressed with you actually knowing the name of his gun. I was actually partial to Mal's funky peacemaker/model 66 looking sidearm for some reason. I just needed a pearl handle that's all

    Besides, I'm willing to but $20 that the guy built that with a SERIOUS purpose. I'm getting a redneck vibe off of that fellow.
  9. yeah its the most pointless, and stupid bubba i've ever seen

    kill me now please
  10. Ari

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    Looks like hey belong together
  11. Don't jump to conclusions man. There's a thousand reasons this rifle could have been chosen for such a project. Cracked stock, missing stock, ruined barrel, salvaging someone elses bubba job, I mean there's plenty of possibilities that could have been the origin of such a project. First we must figure out what stock he started with to fit to the mosin. Looks to be a shotty stock I've seen somewhere else. Might not have been THAT hard to do if you had the stock laying around and a dremel. Plus you had to have a few rainey days and one helluva imagination.
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    I still think her Mare's-leg look-alike is badass. I'm considering getting one of these: http://www.wildwestguns.com/Bushwacker/bushwacker.html as an homage. Any woman who can kick that much ass is alright by me. :D

  13. He's a member at SKSBoards and that is pretty much the story. I also think he said the barrel looks shorter than it is because of the angle of the photo.
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    True...nothing wrong with robbing the parts bin when you are bored and you got a dead blaster sitting on the shop bench.

    You can have Zoe....Kaylee was WAY hotter :)
  15. Yes, absolutely Kaylee's hotter. But Zoe could kill you with her pinky which demands a healthy level of respect. And then there's Inara... :shock:

  16. while I think its hideous

    Theres nothing wrong with doing something like that as a joke on an already fubar'd piece.
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    ALL them chicks from that show are hawt... :wink:
  18. :roll:

    Oh please. It's a Mosin. They ONLY made about seventy bajillion of them.
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