I cant get 'er fingered out....

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  1. I installed the ATI stock....blah blah blah

    Now I cant get it to chamber, first round chambers and fires just fine, ejects, and the bolt sticks about 1/3 of the way forward and the next round wont chamber. I can manually chamber it, just wont do it on its own.

    Now, I think Ive narrowed it down to a mag problem. With out the mag I can pull the bolt back and everything just fine, slides smooth.....no binding or hanging up or anything. But when I put in a loaded mag, and go to "charge" it theres a slight stick and I have to apply a bit of force.

    I only got one mag for it at the moment, Im gonna pick another one up on the way home from work tonight and see if that does anything for me. The bullet sticks out of the top of the mag at a good angle though, so I just dont know.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

  2. Oopps sorry, I re read your post and it looks like you are firing live rounds. If it worked perfectly fine before installing the ATI then I would guess you have the common problem of the new stock binding the action. Try enlarging the holes for the two receiver bolts just a little more for an easier fit.

    Take it to your closest range and test fire a mag before making any adjustments. Semi auto rifles and handguns rarely function correctly when you work the action by hand. You need the full power of recoil to work the action as it was designed.

  3. I had the same problem, just not as bad. I found that working the action enough time was enough to shave the inside down to fit, then rapid firing a few hundred rounds finished the job and smoothing it out. Much easier then a dremel :)
  4. I picked up a new mag on my way home....for $23.

    Loaded up the two, first mag(orignal) first round chambered fine, shot fine, ejected fine, then bolt wouldnt go forward. Dropped mag out. Put in the new mag. first two fired fine, pulled the trigger and the remaining 8 shot just fine.

    I slapped the old mag back in, then those shot perfect....

    I only took the two loaded mags, so I only had those 20 rounds to test with...

    I dont get it.
  5. burboy

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    For whatever reason, you had to break the new stock in a bit before your original mag would work. You may not ever have the problem again.

    Sometimes things are strange like that and you can't ever explain it.
  6. I noticed I also lost the screw and.....sleeve thingy that slides into the bottom of the gun, down where the serial number. I noticed things starting working about the time I lost those. Coincidence?
  7. fired 200 rounds today with out a problem.....either losing the retaining clip at the bottom did the trick, or I did just need to "break in" the new stock.
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    Well the retaining clip on the bottom up the gun is something you might want.

    Because you are missing that clip the fit isn't as snug so your action isn't binding in the ATI stock. I had the same issue with my stock and I just had to enlarge the two bolt holes slightly, and do a little shaving on the inside of the stock for everything to fit smoothly, with the retaining clip.