I couldn't help myself, I had to.

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  1. Well, I was cruising Handgunforum.net and right at the top was this post


    entitled: Do Hi Points Suck?

    To which there was a lot of name calling from the haters. Well, I couldn't help it, I voted in the poll and posted my range trip post.

    Can't wait to see the reaction. :D I shall have to check back in a few hours and see if anybody goes for it...
  2. You probably cannot change their minds, but congrats on trying

  3. If I can open just one mind...

    Yeah, a fantasy, but I figured I'd fan the flames a bit. In the end, all that matters is that I got my C9 and love it - what faceless internet people think matters not a whit.
  4. Nice work Steve 8) maybe you can have one convert in over 600 I have never had one problem
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    Gunsnet is just as bad or worse. there are two kinds of people inthe world. Those who bash hi points and those that actually have fired them.

  6. Steve - nice try....... One tactic I used on the XD and M&P boards, when I wanted to have some fun, was to list all the probs folks were having with those guns and give it right back to them. Since I didn't care what they said or thought, I really had a great time.

    As you heard, many / most of the snobs and never shot one and only know someone 10 times removed for an example. Idiots. How can you believe what they say about their pet rock, when they know nothing about an HP but spout as experts. Idiots.
  7. It's like the difference between Harvard or Yale and the local community college. The education that you get is the same, the piece of paper you get will still say Bachelors Degree. It's not how much you pay for what you get, it's how well you actually use it that matters.
  8. Hey, somebody else voted that they liked their Hi Point, so maybe I have an ally over there. I just pulled out the golden oldie that Newskate9 mentioned - bringing up the issues that other people have with their (higher dollar) guns from EVERY manufacturer. Afterall, if a man makes it, it will eventually fail, right?
  9. Steve M , It is amasing how someone like you can post proof of how reliable a Hi-Point is along with the targets that was shot at different ranges and give a complete unbiased review of the Hi-Point and the same people that don't own or have never shot a Hi-Point will still critisize them . I believe you could have lied and said that you had run 1000 rds through it and had no problems and they would have still critisized the Hi-Point.
  10. "Gun snobs purposely blind themselves."
  11. You have that right! I'll buy and shoot most anything that interests me; over the years I've found that many preconceptions are wrong. Hi-Point is just another example of people forming their opinions on hearsay and hubris. To them it only makes sense that a person who buys from Wilson Combat, Les Baer, or some other expensive name, must be superior to the guy who is on a budget. I am very glad that there are companies that make dependable products at reasonable prices. Maybe I've got enough money to choose something that costs more; BUT, I'm glad I have the choice! :wink:
  12. I put my .02 cents in too, maybe it will make a difference, maybe it wont ;)
  13. That's my sig line over on the 1911forum.org .

    It's amazing to see the snobbery of some guys over there towards the other guns of lesser value even though they have the same problems as others.

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    It didn't all some shmuck did was say something about waiting till it costs $50 to ship it back. Gee if it'll cost 50 for a Hi Point whats a Glock or any other brand gonna cost DUH!!
  15. Well, it's a well documented fact that Hi-Points _do_, in fact, suck.

    They suck the smug grins right off the faces of snobs when demonstrated as skillfully as did Steve M :wink: Congrats!
  17. I don't really concern myself with what the haters say. I like my Hi-Point and that's good enough for me.
  18. Ari

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    They can't read and write anyway.. So don't pay them any time
  19. +1 on that! A closed mind is a terrible thing, but sometimes an amusing thing to those whose minds are open. :wink:
  20. Yeah, its like trying to reason with a retarded chimp, nowadays I give it one try and then move on.