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  1. After all the talk on this forum about the factory stock vs. the ATI stock for the 995, it got me to thinking about my 2 carbines. Both of them had the ATI stock installed. But seeing some of you with freakin' ugly factory stock got me to thinking, it's not that ugly after all. So last night I took Carbine #2 and put the factory stock back on it. That way I have my cake and eat it too.
    After the gun show this Saturday, some of the guys are going out and do a little shooting. I think I'll take both my 995s out and just see which one has more pros than cons.
    So to all of you good folks out there that swear by the Factory stock, I salute you.
    But I'm not giving up my ATI stocks totally. I have too many gadgets! :D
  2. You made the right choice. I think the ATI stock is ugly as hell. I love the look of my stock 995

  3. HPHooked

    HPHooked Member

    I rather like the Planet Of The Apes look of the factory stock. Why try to make the 995 look like a different make of gun. That's like trying to make a Ford Focus look like a Ferrari. :lol:
  4. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    i plan on getting a ati stock.. personally the factory stock feels like wax or something.

    if it was just about looks but im sure the ati feels different as well.. and my guess is it has to be better.

    does anyone think you can turn a hi-point into a storm just by changing the stock? god i hope no one is that foolish.
  5. HPHooked

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    Only in the looks, Joe, only in the looks. :p

    My point is this. Why change the look of something when you can't change the mechanics? Hi-Point carbines are not meant to be high dollar weapons like the CX4 series. They're great rifles as they are for the money invested.

    Not saying you can't mod them if you want to. Good Lord, this forum would dry up by about 2/3 if you could not mod the weapon. I just don't see the need to change the stock as it works perfectly fine for me.

    But then, that's just me. Have fun with your mods and tricking out your weapons. As for me, I'll leave my stock stock. :mrgreen:
  6. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    well from a functional standpoint i agree.. but i have a feeling the ati stock is more then just a facelift, but i'll report back once i get mine and install it.
  7. duker_sponk

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    I like both. I am buying another 995 shortly and I'm going to leave it stock. I finally got a ATI stock that didn't require too much filing and sanding to work well. (my second attempt at going ATI) But I'll keep the next one bone stock.
  8. burboy

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    I never could get used to the way the factory stock stung my face on every shot. I even tried one of those stick on cheek rest pads.
    That's what drove me to try the ATI. Now it is very comfortable to shoot. No more stung cheek.

    I like the factory stock for it's light weight, trim lines and funkyness but just can't stand that slap on the cheek every time. I also think the factory pistol grip is much better shaped than the ATI.
  9. Like I said, That's why I'm doing both.
    Both stocks have advantages and disadvantages and hopefully I can compare and contrast this weekend.
  10. Lashlarue

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    The oem stock flexes and that effects accuracy, it's lightness effects felt recoil. when I switched to the ATI I reduced my groupings 2".I've always been a decent shot, sharpshooter in the USAF and I was disappointed in the accuracy the 1st time I went to the range, two weeks later with the ATI I felt like my old self.[​IMG]
  11. I didn't like the factory stock A) because of the face slap thing, and B) because it felt cheap and flimsy. One of the first things I did was open up the stock and squeeze in a pound of modeling clay to add some heft and make it feel more solid. The ATI makes it feel less like a toy, and then some.
  12. I just ordered an ATI stock lastnight. Should be here early next week. Now I will have to go out and pick up the 4095.

    I told my wife I need to keep up with you guys.
  13. People drop all kinds of firearms into what they deem to be a more serviceable stocks all the time. I much prefer the ATI stock on my 995 to the factory stock on my 4095. The 4095 just seems a bit flimsy to me.

    Hi-Points aren't exactly collector's guns, thus they are prime for modifications.

    And okay, its fun! :D
  14. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    i just ordered mine from buds i gotta send them a money order though to get the 3% discount hopefully i'll have it by next week.
  15. I ordered the 995 and ATI stock from my range/gun shop last week. My very first Hi-Point.

    The reason for the ATI stock for me was simply the koolness. I really like the way it looks. The fact that most of the owners here didnt like the look/feel of the factory stock just made it easier for me.

    At $220 FOR THE 995, $60 FOR THE ATI stock, another $40 for the Beretta CX4 bottom and side mounts with free install from my shop, I thought $320 was a great price for a great looking weapon.