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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Seymourmtn, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Seymourmtn

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    Recently purchased a 995. Out of the box, it functions fine, no sighting was needed and I am happy.
    So, I take my wife to the range today. She is shooting her pistol and I was shooting the 995.
    Then, the courteous guy that I am, I asked if she wanted to try mine.
    Her first shot.....bulls eye. Thinking it must have been luck, 2 more bulls eyes.
    I guess I will need to reserve time to use it. Happy that she likes it. Maybe I get her a custom colored one?
    Anyone know of custom painters?
  2. Moestooge

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    The same thing happened when my oldest son shot the Glock 36 I used to own. Imagine a one ragged hole group dead center at 50 feet the first time he shot it. Guess who got that Glock?
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  3. TxGun

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    Plenty of guys who specialized in Duracoat-type finishes around the country. Just do some google searches. Or, you can do it yourself. I've used these guys and they are good: http://www.ccrrefinishing.com/pricing.html. Just call one of the shops and ask what they would charge to change the stock color.
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    Welcome seymour! The 995ts is my favorite plinker next to my 22's! They are super accurate as well. Fun fun fun!