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  1. Bought my first Hi-point today at lunch. JCP .40S&W, after tax and form fees $167, not a bad price. Can pick it up Saturday (cause of the 48 hour waiting period) but it wil likely be Monday before I pick it up have a wedding this weekend.

    Should be a fun little gun.

  2. nice, congrats with the good price for the great gun.
  3. Congratulations!


    Welcome to the forum!
  4. DRoCk

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    Congrats! You got a prettty good price on one, at least in my area thats right on the money. Welcome!
  5. Congrats, I have the 40 also, I like the heft of the pistol.
  6. urotu

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    Congrats, good platform dude, you'll like it a lot.

    Now go shot that bad boy, wedding or not, you should be able to find some time, unless it's your wedding.
  7. neothespian

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    Welcome to the forum, and good price on that .40! You're going to have a blast with that pistol. It's fun to shoot and the recoil is surprisingly light for a caliber that size.
  8. Ari

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    That is a good price congrats.
  9. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I love my JCP and I'm sure so will you!

    Enjoy your new firearm! :D