I don't think this qualifies as an "assault weapon&quot

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  1. [ame]http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e97_1192226630[/ame]
  2. Hey, that would now be C & R -- know where I can find one?

    Oh I gotta get me an 03 FFL in case one of these turns up...

    Built in the late 50s, now over 50 years old!

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    Pretty sure there was a fair bit of BS info there. I've read about these before (not sure where they came up with the M65 designation, that was a std recoilless rifle that was never used with nukes). The real deal was the M-388 (fired from 2 different types of recoilless rifles, 4-in and 6-in I think, don't remember designations). The unit they showed in the video was the 6-in (the tube below the barrel is a 37mm spotter gun). And 3 miles away was quite safe. It was a max .5 KT warhead! The main use for it was the hard gamma radiation, which would kill a man inside a tank in a short time from like a quarter mile, but falls off VERY rapidly in the atmosphere. It would also irradiate the immediate (as in, 500 foot radius) area for a few days. That was why they put them in the Fulda Gap. Hit the passes the 3rd Shock Army was using to drive into West Germany, kill the lead waves, and buy time. From 3 miles away you would barely even feel the shock wave.
  4. Still cool, and still want one, just gotta figure out something to do about that damn having to fire inside the blast area.
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    No, it's not an assault weapon- it does not have a barrel shroud!