I don't understand the haters.

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  1. I would guess some of this has been covered before, But maybe not so here goes.

    When I talk to people about hi points or see reviews almost everyone says the same few things.

    1- They are ugly/not sexy
    2- They are heavy
    3- They jam

    Number 1 ---I don't understand pretty and sexy to me are not firearms, that's my wife. But for others I guess it's different, So I guess these people but shovels or wrenches that are pretty to them. It's a tool who cares how it looks if it does the job it was made for?

    Number 2---- heavy compared to what? If you take the two most popular hand guns 1911 and Glock both are as heavy or heavier then the hi piont. My Glock 17 is heavier than the C9 when they are loaded and why carry it if it's empty?

    Number 3--- most firearms will jam until you break them in, why do people think the hi points won't be the same. And yes these don't have the fit and finish of the high end firearms but your not paying for that. If you can't take 30 mins to clean and polish it don't buy it, spend the extra money to have someone else do it for you.

    I get the impression people are looking for a super high tech firearm that has lots of rails you can attach all the gear you could ever need, have anti gravity so it doesn't weight anything, million round magazines (or clip as they call it), never need to clean or lube it and it needs to be around $100.

    So I'm guessing maybe they are up set that they over paid for their firearm. Don't get me wrong I know Hi points aren't I the same class as the $1000 pistols but they aren't meant to be. I'm not sure I would carry my C9 as a EDC but it has done great and after a few more hundred rounds I could change my thinking on that.
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    I don't understand "haters" either. If you don't like this or that gun, fine, but getting worked up about it to that extent just seems silly. I like the carbines but HP handguns just aren't my cup of tea, and I don't see any reason to go past that.

    There are haters for everything, not just HPs - haters for Glocks, Kimbers, Springfields, S&W, you name it. The script changes, meaning that the haters carry on about different stuff, but same silly process.

  3. #1 - It's a matter of opinion, I agree my CF380 Comp ain't pretty, but it ain't ugly either.
    #2 - Don't know, it's never bothered me. Yeah it's heavier than other .380s but it also has less recoil than my 84F.
    #3 - Don't know, mine's never jammed. Never had a FTF, FTE, stovepipe, dropped mag or any problem I've heard anyone complain about. Except money in my pocket because with dipped grips, a Joey trigger and Mahan sites I've got hair over $200 in it, oh wait, I've never heard anyone complain about too much money in their pocket.:eek:

    Let's face it, the (fill in a brand) fanboys will hate on anything that doesn't fit their idea of cool. Me, I like guns, whatever catches my eye regardless of brand, if I like it and can afford it I'll buy it.
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    1) They are no uglier than Glock in my eyes.
    2) they are not heavy, but to me they are top heavy and not balanced like other pistols I have. Not an issue for me, but it is a true statement
    3) I have no issues with Jams. The ones I did have were me being careless in how I loaded the mag, some tips were pointing flat and not up. a simple rap before loading ensure NO issues.

    My Ruger Mark II is harder to take apart and clean than any of my HPs.
    My M&P .400 is as big as my JHP but the M&P holds almost 2xs the rounds.

    The only complaint I say I have is the smoothness of my JHP (chambering, and working the slide). it just seems clunky, but I will say it may not have been broken in yet. only maybe 200 rounds so far. And mostly my own reloads so not good quality factory ammo. My C9 has none of these problems.

    I think people get mad and complain because they know they paid 2-3xs what you did for their handgun and yours handles its intended purpose just as good as theirs does. It goes bang and put lead down the range accurately as you can shoot.
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    Definitely top heavy, but not really an issue. My G17 feels lighter in my hands, but I have never compared them side by side. Now I think I will!

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    they ARE ugly, they ARE heavy, and they DO jam. that being said, for the price, they are an excellent value, that once broken in, work flawlessly. people expect ferrari performance at a hyundai price tag and are upset when they dont get it. and most of the people that complain about HP's have usually never even fired an HP.
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    I'm with ya, WarHawk77!

    Sexy applies to the female form.

    Now that statement stands alone. But fine mechanical assemblies are like clockwork. Adding an
    "artistic" touch is great, they can be nice to look at, AND functional. It may make you lust for it
    but IMO, it will never approach the level of "sexy". That is 2 mutually exclusive things, period. ;)
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    In response to the OP's points.

    Number 1. I have only one Hi Point, my 4595TS carbine. I quit being concerned with "status" many years ago in just about all aspects of my life, including my choice of firearms.

    My Hi Point is kind of like that girl in high school with the great personality who was fun to hang out with, but dressed kind of funky and had the weird hairstyle. The kind of girl who could hang with you beer for beer and you had a great time with, but you knew the "guys" talked smack about you behind your back for.

    Number 2. I don't get the weight issue. I don't have a problem handling any of my guns, it's just not something I'm concerned with. My long range rifle weighs about 17lbs unloaded, now that's heavy, but as long as my "carry" rifle is under 10lbs I don't see a reason to complain.

    Number 3. No problems with my Hi Point in a little over 500 rounds.

    There are some things I definitely don't like about my Hi Point, but the good outweighs the bad, so it's a non-issue for me.
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    But a sexy woman shooting a gun sure is easy on the eyes.:)

  10. I think there are some women who might politely disagree a bit with you, but agree that the term doesn't apply to guns.
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally like the way the Hi-Point TS carbines look. I don't think it looks ugly; in my opinion it looks as good as most other black rifles.
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    Everyone has an opinion,I've seen people love and hate hi-points,glocks,1911's etc.I honestly don't care if people like my guns or not,my guns throw lead downrange and the opinions of others doesn't affect that in anyway whatsoever.
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    The targets I've shot at the range speak volumes about my carbine. :cool:
  14. The question is, does anyone even care if she hit the target?
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    There was a target?
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    ...dat @$$... ;)
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    if that turns around and it's NOT a woman!!!! ooooh boy!! i've been suckered in before.
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    Dude, you may be onto something. See any top?
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    Hope you figured that one out before it was too late for you...:eek:

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    Whether it is a he or she, I'll bet he or she had a sore shoulder.