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I don't understand...

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I don't understand how everyone complains about the weight of the C9 precluding it as a daily carry. I do CC with my C9 and as long as you have a sturdy holster (My crossman's sturdy.. but it sucks) and a stiff belt, you'll do fine.
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strong side.. Right now either the crossman or just put the bad boy in my waistband and have a good cinched tight belt.
Get a Fobus or an Uncle Mikes and tthey will fir it better. Crossman is a TOY gun holster and is not ment for the weight of the C9
I got your last post shooter Z.. Actually looking at a Fobus holster.. And only carried the pistol in the crossman maybe a total of 2 weeks since I brought it 4 months ago. That thing's much more suited for OC if you have to. I absolutely hate the thing, but sometimes my baby gotta be holstered.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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