I enjoy my C9 but...

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    I am interested in the FEG-PA63 for a ccw weapon since it is much smaller and lighter than my C9. I have read some mixed reviews on these. I can get one for 99.95 from a local dealer and they are in very good cond. I am curious if anyone has experience with these, the common negatives seem to be a lot of recoil and spring tension, but they seem to ease after time/or an easy replacement. The reviews from the buyer of my dealer are all 4-5 stars out of 5. Thanks for the help :?
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    You don't perchance happen to live in the Prescott/Yarnell area of Arizona??

    Only reason I ask is because this past weekend I just put a PA-63 on my card, and I'm picking it up in Prescott this next weekend from a dealer that has them for $99. While I have yet to fire the PA-63, I have shot a number of Makarov caliber pistols and really enjoy them! The mechanics behind the gun design are sound (It IS nearly a spot on reproduction of the Walther), and the only complaints I've ever heard from those who actually own them are the recoil. Some say it's a bit strong, but I have a feeling that after firing a Hi-Point, you're not going to have a problem at all. Beyond that, they praise it's slim design and quality build mechanics.

    That and all other shops around the Southwest are demanding at LEAST $179 for them. At that price do not hesitate, especially in today's market. And, the C9 IS a great pistol, but not all 9mm's are created equal for all purposes. I used my C9 for a long time as a "Work Gun" when I was driving a cab, and I needed a pistol that was durable, could be bashed about and still fire while conveying the message of "gun. scary gun." if I had to pull it. The C9 did it's job admirably. The PA-63 on the other hand is a great design for a concealed gun with a proven design style with alot more style than the C9 (let's be honest: The C9 is "Mother can only love" pretty, while any of the Walther clones are just downright sexy in my opinion). A smart shooter will always look for ways to diversify his or her arsenal with the best quality at the best price in order to maximize the resources.

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    Actually I live in the Phoenix area, but I was thinking of driving up to Prescott to pick one up from JG. Its only a couple hr drive and it'd be worth it. I am thinking Ill go pick one up this weekend. :D
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    Go fig!! Used to live in Mesa, but came up to Flagstaff for work. Can't WAIT to return to Phoenix once my resume gets built with this theater I'm working with (And a possible part time AV tech position w/a new convention centre up here).

    If you see a skinny britt trying to shove a bunch of guns into the back of an overloaded Suzuki when you're up there this weekend, lend a hand :p Hopefully (if the checks are good this week) we'll be buying a bunch of stuff!
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    One thing to remember this is a surplus weapon. It is a good idea to fire 500 or 600 rounds through it before you trust it for carry.
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    I'll definatley lend a hand...We are in Gilbert right now...Funny I'd rather live in an area like Flagstaff etc...
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    Good point, I have put about 350-400 rds through my C9 with no FTF, or jams....I just wish it was a little smaller, than I would CCW it....Eventually the plan is to carry a Kimber KPD, can get one for $425, just gotta save a little. :D
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    I like the PA-63 alright but I'd recommend trying to find a P-64 if you can, It is a little smaller and also has a steel frame so it should last a bit longer. The alloy frame on the PA-63 is kind of soft, the trigger guard would leave indents on mind during disassembly.
    Either way though, the fixed barrels on both pistols make them pretty accurate and reliable.

    Oh and it just hit me, www.centerfiresystems.com has a version of the PA-63 called the AP that fires 32acp. Might want to check that out, they are 135 right now.