I felt so bad for laughing... but I did anyway :)/:(

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  1. Drunk woman vs. .50 caliber:


    Redneck girl with shotgun:


    Shotgun nuts:


    Forehead vs. Desert Eagle:

  2. Oneofsix

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    the third one I don't feel bad for one bit, only an idiot puts any rifle/shotgun up against his package.
    still pondering whether or not to feel bad for the gullible wimmenfolk :roll:

  3. OK, shotgun nuts I didn't feel bad for, but the other three... I'm betting at least one of 'em was told "nah it won't kick" lol.
  4. AnArmyofRon

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    watching those type of videos is like eating potato chips, one just won't do. Spent 20 minutes at you tube just going thru shooting vids.
  5. AndrewST

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    Haha! Those were great.
  6. condition1

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    maybe shotgun nuts can't reproduce after that. We don't need people that stupid making babies
  7. That's criminal. It's bad enough to urge someone to shoot a firearm this potent without stance instruction, but compounding the problem with alcohol is damn stupid. Not funny.

    Apparently sober, but another case of someone (the cameraman or boyfriend)thinking that it's humorous to see the uninitiated hurt themselves. Not funny.

    The stupid, removing themselves from the gene pool via Mixmastering their gonads is always funny.

    She's the only one of the three women to lean forward into the recoil, and she has some forearm muscle tone, so she has a good start. Form? maybe not perfect, but she's not the clueless unfortunates that the first two were. At about 88 pounds, and shooting a .50, I think she was just not up to the task.

    But... post this on the chicks with guns thread :) Despite her troubles, she's hot.
  8. Uraijit

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    1. The woman in that one deserved what she got. Drunk dumbass...

    2. Not funny. Looks like the set her up to get hurt. Probably told her to hold it off her shoulder.

    3. Dumbass deserved what he got.

    4. Bunch of freaking hicks. Poor girl though, it was just a case of too much gun for her...