I finally bought one

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  1. Its a russian capture, but still its a k98 Been a dream of mine for years 1943 JPSaur&Sons (CE)


    If guns could talk I bet this one would have a heck of a tale to tell.

    Will try to get pics when it gets here, but since I stink at taking pics, their pics may be the best ones I end up with of it :shock:
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    Nice furniture waltham!

  3. Thayldt21

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    It is a perty one at that. Looks nice.
  4. Nice. Cool to own, fun to shoot, and a piece of history as well.
  5. Ari

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    Congrats I like that very much. One of my favorite weapons.. Did they paint the sights orange ?
  6. Thanks guys, Ari the sights are just blued. The Germans blueing was comming off before the Russians reblued it, so it has some rough areas. Bore is supposed to be VG+, hope it turns out to be a good shooter.

    I bet there is a beautiful blonde laminated stock under that Russian shellac.

    Gonna be strange to shoot, I have 5 other mausers and they are all straight bolt LOL

    It would be really interesting to know the story of how the Russians came in possesion of it.
  7. Ari

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    I will bet there is no shellac on it. I have seen three of the Russian capturers they does not seem to be covered with shellac. They are finished just like my Brno K98...
    I know you are going to really have fun with it.
  8. I know I will love it, my wanting one of these is what got me to buying the cheaper mausers in the first place 8)
  9. I just looked at two today with Nazi markings...very tempting...
  10. Congrats!! Nothing like a Mauser!!

    I put one in layaway a month ago that my local pawnshop had purchased. It still has all the German Proof marks on it and the cleaning rod. It is the K98...stamped right on the side of the receiver. Don't remember much more about it before I put it in layaway. I looked down the barrel to make sure it was in good shape. Everything had matching numbers except the bolt. Will have to make sure it is okay with a set of go no go gauges. But I am sure it is okay. I trust this local pawnshop, been doing business with them for over 30 years.

    That is why I got it for $180 OTD (well layaway OTD).

    About 28 years ago I had a 7x57 mauser with all the German Proof marks and like an idiot I traded it. Should of kept it. Back then I think I gave something like $70 for it. Then about 20 years ago I got an 8x57 mauser, but all markings had been removed from it.

    Now that I am getting this one it will NEVER go anywhere...I hope Hillary or Obama hears that.
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    nice K98

    11 years ago when J and G got a bunch of Turks in, I got 2 of them
    for $ 178.00 with 6 hundred rounds of WWII ammo :shock: awe the good old days, one was made in the year 1942 left this one alone dam thing shoots great ( I can hit a 300m 16x16 steel plate all day long.

    The other has a date of 1945 I sported this one, cut and recrown the barrel ( my buddy's got a lathe ) bent down the bolt handel and tapped and mounted a scope, and also cut down the fore stock.
    The dam thing came out to be a great shooter it is now my main deer hunting gun.

    Did you all know that you can resize 30.06 brass and reload for the 8mm.
    We currently have some bullets on order 175gr for hunting and some 125gr for giggles ( should be a screamer out to 800m )
  12. I bought a couple of thousand rounds in 8mm before the prices jumped up so bad. The only weapon that I do not have at least a thousand rounds for is the .25 acp LOL
  13. Ari

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    It is time to start a run on Mausers!
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    They do shoot nice :D
    I don't like to bubba old MIL guns but the one I (We) sported shoots as well as my old Savage 7mm rem mag out to 200 yards without the shoulder pain LOL if you have ever shot the 7mm mag in a 7 lbs gun you know what I mean :shock:

    Not to shabby for a 63 year old gun
  15. Sorry Taurus, but if you ever swing by this way we can try to take a run up to the range and scare a few birds with it LOL