I finally got em back!

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  1. Ridge

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    3 weeks ago it turned out my checkbook was way off and as a result I ran myself $300 into debt via overdraft fees ($27 overdraft fee for a $1.08 burger sucks) and as I needed cash quick, I hocked both my 995 and my AR at the pawn shop I bought the 995 from...I got paid yesterday and got em back...but not until after me and the other employees took pics of one of the guys holding the AR while we all yelled durka durka and various racist remarks :p

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  3. Ridge

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    Yeah he had no reservations of pointing it at anybody either...
  4. Must be a genetic thing :-D
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    Now let that be a lesson to ya!!! Keep that checkbook balanced!!

    I will NEVER part with my firearms: would sell car parts or blood first.
  6. lol.... :lol:
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    You forgot to mention clean urine and "Depositing" at the local sperm bank!
  8. "Oh, don't worry, it's not loaded." Famous last words, and usually not for the speaker.
  9. i can't say anything about selling guns. over the years i have sold all kinds of guns i now wish i still had.