I finally joined the Ruger club! Thanks to my wife!

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  1. AndrewST

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    I am either in a lot of trouble and just don't know it yet, or I have done some really good things lately, and just don't know it yet.

    My wife and I had a REALLY good night last night after the kids were put to bed. :shock:

    Yesterday was all around a good day after work.

    Than today my wife buys me a new Ruger 10/22 and 2 30rd clips. So now I will be able to take my 17hmr, 22, and 995 shooting with me tomorrow!


    I will eventually replace it with a new stock and barrel and the whole bit, but for now. I can't wait until tomorrows trip![/img]
  2. Ari

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    Enjoy it as they are fun

  3. Very nice! That's the one .22 rifle I want.
  4. I want a 10/22, but don't wanna get one till I have every other project taken care of and am in the "what do i do now" stage where I got money, but nothing to dump it into. I just can't be happy with a bare bones rifle when there is sooo many cool toys out there for them and it would kill me after a couple weeks of looking at addons. Glad to hear life is going swimmingly for you andrew, hope for your sake, and the local gun dealers, that it continues!
  5. AndrewST

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    My next two firearm purchases will be the new Winchester Speed Pump Walnut Field, and than after that an AR.

    However, before and in between those purchases I will also rebuild this 10/22. Go with a Green Mountain barrel, new stock, the basic 10/22 mods.
  6. The stock and barrel are the coolest mods as there are soooooo many looks you can go with. There is a crazy laminate thumbhole that used to be sold on ebay that while normally a little wild for my taste, was actually drawn to for a 10/22 build. Will see if I can find it tonight.
  7. Langford

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    uh-oh, sell it before it is too late! Just kidding, 10/22's are awesome guns.
    Check out rimfirecentral.com, it is the best site for info on 10/22's.

    I bought my first one two weeks ago...and now I'm working on my second project.

    Before on #1:


    After on #1:


    Before on #2:


    No after shot yet, but I'm converting it to a .17HM2 with a 16.5" volquartsen carbon fiber barrel, and I'm using the stock from project #1 (project #1 is getting a T-rex stock, which wont be out until April). I got most of the parts today, just waiting on the weighted bolt handle from rimfiretechnologies.
  8. Wish you could just buy the receiver easily as that's what most are really after.
  9. Langford

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    You can, I will have to dig up the link...but one of the online companies sells just the receiver packed will all of the Volquartsen internals (top of the line) for around $175...which is an awesome deal if you plan on doing a stock and barrel swap. I plan ordering two of these kits, one for my girls 10/22 that I will be building, and another for a Krinker Plinker 10/22.
  10. AndrewST

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    Pretty much the only reason I bought the gun. If I could have just bought the receiver I would have done that and ordered the rest. But I will have fun with the stock 10/22 until I get the new parts.

    I figured I would slow up on the purchasing a little bit for a month or two as I have purchased this 10/22, a 30-06, new base, new rings, new scope, new slings, new cases....a bunch of gun related items in the last 3 weeks!

    But this will turn out to be a pretty nice 10/22 when I am done. I just need more information before I start the parts buying.
  11. Wow, awsome. Here's the super tacky stocks(first two) I mentioned earlier.

  12. Langford

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    Check out www.hawktecharms.com for some badass stocks...I have the "Raptor" on my 10/22, and plan on ordering the T-rex from them when they are available (they had some sneak-peak pics on rimfirecentral.com) The Mantis is also a great looking stock, it just came out about 2 weeks ago.

    I'm still trying to find the website that sells just the receivers...I just cant remember which one it was.
  13. Langford

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    Ok, found it....for some reason I thought it was around $175, but I must have been thinking about something else.


    Still, at $235...that is a deal with all of the VQ internals.

    Just for comparison, the cheapest 10/22 I could find was $189 new.

    Then add all of the Volquartsen parts:

    Bolt release: $11.30
    Extractor: $12.00
    Extended Mag. Release: $18.90
    Bolt Buffer: $11.30
    Hammer: $42

    (all prices from Volquartsen's website)

    and you are up to $284....so you save about $50 by buying just the receiver.