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Hey guys. Whiloe doing some running around this afternoon i was looking for two things: 1) a holster form my C9 and 2) a speed loader for my Hi Standard. Luckily i found both and really am trhilled about the holster. I found it at a local gun shop. THe holster is made by ProTech Outdoors and is made out of black nylon, with an extra mag pocket (the 8rd works great the 10rd was a lil too big) and an adjustable thumb break. i was suprised first off to see that the two models that the pacakaging specified would fit in this holster were the Hi Point 380 and 9mm. it says "and more" but i oculdn't believe it specified the C9 and 380. It is model #30. the packaging specifies #31 for the "Hi Point 40 or 45 cal and more"
For $15 you really can't beat it.

I know that forbus makes a holster that will work, so does uncle mike (or whoever it is) but this is the first real aftermarket product that i have seen that was design and labled specifically for Hi Point guns. What do you guys think.

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