I found this gem today.

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  1. I had been wanting to get another Wally World Special, Ruger 10/22. My wife took me seriously when I told her the one I bought was for her. Now she gives me a hard time about me using "HER" gun. The nerve of some people. :D

    I stopped in my local gunstore today, and spotted this one on the rack. It was marked as "used" but I sure can't seen any sign of it. I guess it's a DLX model or something. Checkered stock, rubber butt pad, sling swivel studs, no barrel band, blued rather than stainless. It already had a Simmons 4x28 scope mounted. They wanted a few bucks more than a WWS new.

    It followed me home. I didn't have time to really shoot it, but did fire a magazine of Federal bulk pack HP's through it at a knot on the side of a tree from 20-25 yards or so offhand. I figured since it was used, it was probably sighted in, and it was dead on that knot. Just ate that thing right off the tree. Went "BANG" every time I pulled the trigger.


  2. Thayldt21

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    That is one sweet 10/22, Gotta love it when things like that fallow you home.
  3. You're gonna like that. The checkered stock is just nicer to shoot that the carbine.
  4. shelbyzman

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    nice rifle, it looks good :D
  5. Nice! It is on my want list also.
  6. Got yerself a fine looking 10/22 there CB!

    I still like the basic carbine model with barrel band, but if I found a good deal on one like you got I would have no second thoughts about bringing it home either.

  7. Ari

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    Thats a keeper!
  8. Good deal, looks nice man.
  9. Nice 10/22!

    Mine's somewhere around my age (29) and just goes bang every time. Not sure dad ever took it apart to clean it and it eats everything you put in it. Bore shines right up and it's a better shot than I am so I guess I can't complain.
  10. freedom

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    Good buy. 10/22s are great little carbines.
  11. Nice rifle there :) And I really envy you guys who live in places where you can just shoot a few into a nearby tree. Stupid urban environments! :wink:
  12. Cute ruger, have fun with that
  13. Someday I'll get a .22 rifle.

  14. .45acp,

    Every man needs a good .22 rifle or two, nothing like spending a day shooting without hurting the wallet or bank account. :)
  15. Nice rifle. Be careful you don't fall in love with it an neglect the others. She's a cheap date.
  16. andrew241

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    I would like one of those one of these days. I have a 22 rifle but the 10/22 is just a classic
  17. Well this is the first time I ever bought a gun that was sighted it for me. I figured it was going to be close but this thing is just about dead on.

    I walked out back this morning and it wasn't long before a bushytail sat up on top of an old dead tree. I figured it was 25 yards or. Lined the crosshairs up, and squeezed the trigger. PLOP. First blood. A little later I saw another one. A fairly long shot for me, but figured what the heck. Squeezed the shot off, the squirrel jumped up in the air and flipped over. I stepped it off at 60 paces.

    Two was enough for me today.
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    I always enjoy a good .22....Nice find!