I got blocked!!

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    I probably should not be surprised at this considering all the crap that has gone on in schools recently.

    I take my daughter to dance class on Saturday mornings. It is at the Flint Institute of Arts/School of Performing Arts. Anyway they have a lounge in the atrium where parents can wait while the kids are in class. They have free wireless internet so I usually bring the laptop and try to get stuff done while I am waiting. Today I got in and checked my E-mail and was going to my links to my recent posts. I got a Blocked message from some new security thing that was added to the server.

    I understand that they have that right since it is their server but I never had that happen before.

    I did not get a chance to try other sites because it was time to go. I'll have to try it again next week and see what happens.
  2. BSK

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    schools can block gun websites.

  3. neothespian

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    If it's a private institute, they have full and legal right to block what they wish. Kind of disappointing considering that an arts institute feels the need to censor content, but it's their joint.

    Personally I'd call the headmaster on his censorship, but I work in the arts so there's a sort of industry standard to uphold there and depending on the relationship it might not be taken well.
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    Try https://www.kproxy.com ;)

    The school I work at had EVERYTHING blocked. I tried to get on the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. recruiting website, and even that was blocked! The reason stated? "Category: Weapons".
  5. AndrewST

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    Just use software to change the proxy up a bit and get around it.

    EDIT: Ha! Ura beat me to it!
  6. I know it's a mistake to make this public, but...

    I work for Clark County School District in Las Vegas. We constantly get blocked when trying to visit web sites. But, this site is not blocked--I'm wondering how long before somebody notices and has it blocked for 'weapons' Now that I've posted this, probably when I return to work Monday. :evil:
  7. This sight isn't blocked at my work either. Since it's actually a .com address, and not from forumer.com or something like that, I can view it from work. I can actually get in the chatroom too...
  8. You guys should be careful accessing sites from work anyway. What with all the stink they make about it on the news. Just a head's up!!

  9. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to fire a schoolteacher? Especially for something that is of no danger to students/other adults? I'm not worried about it...in fact I'd kind of get a kick out of it.

    I've taken people I work with shooting and gun shopping. I'm talking with a few about getting their CHL, and I think our timidity about our interest is not good for our cause.

    Am I taking a risk? Maybe, but I don't work in CA, MA, NY, NJ, etc.
  10. Tor......Privoxy.........look 'em up......

    All I'm gonna say.........even with my AD blocking software, going to that KProxy site showed some serious ads; I wouldn't be surprised if it's possible to get some nasty spyware off that site. Be careful......
  11. Proxys are nice, but many are blocked or shady. I may set up an onion ring to let you guys proxy through me to acess the forum, just gotta get a box set up. Will look into it. It's slow as snot sometimes, but very effective. I got rid of my last box I had set up to allow friends overseas to check their personal email and myspace and crap. Only complaint was it was slow at times.
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    My filter doesn't currently block the hi-point forum.

    Anyway, I'm not worried about getting fired for accessing a police recruiting website (or any other website that I access from work for that matter). The filters are in place to keep students from accessing inappropriate websites.

    If staff were accessing inappropriate websites, they'd simply be fired, so it's not a problem. The students don't have anything deterring them from accessing these sites, so that actually IS a problem.

    It's easier for me, and the network administrator, if I don't have to bother him for every website that I need or want access to.
  13. NDS,

    I know it is difficult to get fired in Clark County as a teacher because of the shortage of teachers here. I was speaking in general as to what you see on the news about people getting fired for using company computers for personal business. If you're not at risk, more power to you. In fact, I envy you. We can access the internet in the pit at work, but I wouldn't want to get caught doing it. I've got four dice games with over 200 thousand on each one and instead of watching that, I'm shopping on Ebay or something?? Don't imagine MY boss would be too happy with that. It's all in perspective as to what your job is.
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    I know I'm VERY lucky to have such an easygoing workplace. Not only do they not block my access to HPFF, but the lead actress and her husband from Macbeth, the stage intern AND the husband of the Artistic director shoot as well!! Then again, this was discovered by myself when we were striking the set for MacBeth and the discussion of how much a pain in the rear pantyhose were for men and that whoever designed them should be shot.

    Yeah, we're a special bunch at the theater