I got it!!!

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  1. neothespian

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    You're looking at the new Technical Director of Theatrikos Community Theater. I get a dusty office in the basement next to the scene shop, nearly non-existent budget, and a new basic blackberry cellphone.

    At least THAT is going right.

    That is all.
  2. Thayldt21

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    I expect your not doing this for free.. J/K I read the last thread. Good on you. Now about that budget.......???????????????

    Dang Do they at least have an obandoned building you can scrap from/

    I sure hope this is the start of the GOOD luck run. I mean dang you should have nothin but good luck after the sttring of bad luck you been havin.

  3. Congrats, Neo! Now it's time for you to have some GOOD luck! Way to go man! 8)
  4. Congrats!

    is the phone a blackberry pearl? I have one of those and its a decent phone
  5. Whittey

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    I wish they had just taken the 7130 and shrunk it a bit. The pearl itself is annoying and I really really really really really hate the *Dial unlock set (instead of just clicking unlock). Then you get a 1600x1200 camera, but that just gets resized to 800x600 when you email it anyway. The video is useless because the quality is so bad. Why bother with it? That and i've had to wipe mine more since I got it 2 months ago than I had to in 2 years with the 7130. Now I can't just wave it at someone to show them 15395 points at level 26 in brick breaker. A travesty.

  6. It's past due NEO, you need the luck.

    I hope it works out pal, keep us informed (hopefully with good news).
  7. Congrats Neo! Now do great things and impress the theatrical world!!
  8. So when will your first major movie be hitting the big screen?
  9. AndrewST

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    GRATZ!! Enjoy the new job!
  10. neothespian

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    Actually this is about as far from films as you can get. Believe it or not there is still an industry for live theater. My goal after a season or two here is to move to larger markets such as Atlanta or Chicago where the major Broadway crews work, then if I can pull that off, then it's either New York, Kyoto or even back home to the UK. By that time I *should* be at the 75k and up per year range :D

    Sounds like a reach, but I've already done the hard part by putting in my 10 plus years as a stagehand. Once you get to TD level, I've seen many careers fasttrack in as little as 4 to 5 years. Hopefully this shores up my resume to show that I can work under the most unstructured and underfunded circumstances. The further up you move in quality of shows, the bigger the budgets. Then again, they also expect more creativity and more "miracles" for everyday occurances.

    Compare that to a cushy University job where there isn't that kind of upward movement, but job security if you tow the line. EVENTUALLY I could make the same money, but that could take 20 plus years, and it isn't as volitile as NPO theater.
  11. Is this job in Phoenix or Flagstaff?
  12. If karma has anything to do with it, you are due for a very big swing in luck. Good for you........
  13. elguapo

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    Congrats Neo!

    You were destined for a spot of luck, with all the other issues goign on.
  14. Congrats to you and good luck about time something went your way.
  15. Jackpine Savage

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    Congratulations, I'll have a Bushmills in your honor. Just remember if you move back to the UK, all of your toys stand a very good chance of getting melted, and the criminals have more rights than you do.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.
  16. Good for you man - now don't walk under anything heavy for awhile!
  17. Just promise me you'll never do anything as stupid as high school musical or hairspray. And if you ever did and it hits big, then atleast promise you"ll go on live TV and the world WTF is wrong with them, that it's stupid and you thought it up while high on paint fumes.
  18. back home to the UK??? but aren't you not allowed to have most guns there? sorry I like the UK and have nothing against them but I like guns more :D