I got me a plinking pistol

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  1. I finally added a revolver to my collection. :) A Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider combo, 6 1/2 in barrel. It has a wheel for 22 and 22mag.

    I am really looking forward to shooting it! :D

    I paid $99.00 nib otd. :eek: I think I am pleased with myself.

    Am I pleased with myself?

    Oh.... the picture:
  2. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Ok where are the photos... I do like that little gun

  3. Wow nice! I'd love to get a SA .22 revolver, but can never find a deal like you did.
  4. The gun shop was having a sale. This was aspecial batch that he had ordered. I got the ver last one. The one in the display case. I was told that the next batch; the price goes up to $150.00, so I happened to walk in at just the right time.
  5. shelbyzman

    shelbyzman Member

    thats a cool looking revolver....I have been looking at the Heritage .22 for a while now. You can't beat the price :D
  6. Man I wish I could find a Rough Rider for $100 !!!! Good steal !!
  7. andrew241

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    nice, I really want a nice SA 22 one day.