I guess the secret is out

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  1. gregj

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    I ordered my C9 on Sat 3/22. Called the dealer I ordered it at, and none if his distributors have any, and it may be another 2 weeks before they get a shipment in. :? :x
  2. shelbyzman

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    I called all of the gun shop within a 60 mile radius and none of them had the C9. I was able to find one where my parents live, and that place only had one. The secret IS out.... gun shops sell the hi-points as soon as they get them.

  3. condition1

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    i lucked out when I got my 4095, they had just received that day, a 995 and 4095. A friend called 3 days later and the 9 was gone.
    They do move quickly
  4. Yeah its funny that so many people supposedly say that Hi Points are junk but the gun shops cant keep them in stock.

    Maybe Hi Point buys them back so it appears that they have a thriving business? ROFLOL
  5. AnArmyofRon

    AnArmyofRon Guest

    I like browsing the pawn shops for deals and have yet to find a used hi-point. Gun stores can't keep them on the shelves and either no-one gets rid of them or they go as soon as they hit pawn shop shelves as well. Go figure. I can't recall another useless product that has moved so well.
  6. xtreme1ky

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    i have checked all the pawn shops around my area for hi-points and found one shop about 25 miles from me who was selling several used ones. when i asked him how much for a well used one he said he would take $129. i told him i would rather throw 10 more dollars in and go buy a new one.
  7. JasonJ

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    watch yourself Ron.. this isnt a forum for talking negatively about the firearm.. its quite the opposite.
  8. AnArmyofRon

    AnArmyofRon Guest

    Perhaps I should put sarcasm in italics so everyone will get what I thought I plainly meant. Gun snobs say bad things about the hi-point yet what i said was gun stores can't keep them on the shelves(because they sell), pawn shops don't have them because people don't get rid of them (they like them) or they sell as soon as they're put on the shelf. I have a 995 that I absolutely love. Ease up, killer, I'm a hi-point fan.
  9. Postal4U

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    I got it Ron, I like sarcasm too. Guess it takes one to know one, lol.
    There is one gunshop here that has the C9 usually in stock, and will order any other kind of HP you might like. Except they have trouble getting the carbines. The rest of the gunshops showup on the HP web as distributors, but they never stock them because they think other gun owners would disown them and shop elsewhere if they stocked them.
  10. AnArmyofRon

    AnArmyofRon Guest

    Thanks Postal. One thing I've noticed about the hi-point site, at least in the area where I live, is the distributer list isn't up to date. Hi point lists 4 in my area. There is a distributor listed that has moved or changed names or just gone out of business. And I found a shop about 30 minutes from here that carries hi-point but isn't listed. That would have saved me the hour plus drive I had to take to get my carbine. It was worth it, don't get me wrong, but I would have been happier to deal with the closer place. At least I know its there when hi point finally releases the .45 carbine. I am going to get the .45 pistol within the next few weeks. Already giddy thinking about that purchase.
  11. Postal4U

    Postal4U Member

    After considerable times of heaing "we cant get the carbine", the very next gun show two dealers from a ways off, showed up with both kind. So I got mine at the gun show. Sorry for the local dealers, but I...just...had.....to....have....it....now. And saved 40 bucks to boot, which paid for my red/green dot. :D
  12. The 45acp?
  13. gregj

    gregj Member

    I called my gun shop again, and my C9 is still back ordered!!!! Seems none of their distributors have them, and the factory hasnt shipped any out yet. I was assured his distributor is looking trying to find one for me. Hmmm, maybe he should go to one of the auction sites, there's usually a dozen or so listed there. Wonder if the online sellers bought them up. Oh well, there's a gun show this weekend, maybe I'll get lucky and find one there.
  14. Before I bought my C9 I saw a .45 at a pawn shop for like $160 or $170, wish I had talked my wife into letting me buy one by then.
  15. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    The only way I was able to score a carbine again after foolishly selling my first one was to trade another member on here a HP40 for it! We both got ourselves guns that we couldn't get in our respective cities, and I for one couldn't be happier!

    Oh, and HP4lyfe, I'm sending your mag on monday! Finally got a solid address to do so.
  16. bobm

    bobm Member

    If you only lived out here I would sell you my 9mm, and 40 and the 380 at a good price.
    I like the carbines, I have the 995 and 4095 and want the 4595. I'm not fond of the handguns, they are too blocky for me. Not discounting their shooting performance, it an ergonomics issue.
    Sorry just realized you stated C-9, I have the standard 9MM. Issues still related.
  17. neothespian

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    I relate it like this:

    Tried buying a Geo/Chevy Metro lately?? They've skyrocketed in price, and not surprisingly since they sip fuel. But, everytime I run into one of those people who flaunt being "Green" by buying a $35,000 Prius (Which is what they cost in Phoenix after the "popular demand" markup dealers put on them), I tell them "Ya know, you can get 50mpg in a Geo Metro hatchback, and they cost nearly one tenth the price".

    Then you hear the arguements that sound ALOT like gun snob arguements about how the cars blow up, fall apart as you drive them down the street and other such urban myths.

    That and I remember when you could buy one for $1500 at only 3 years old. Not so much anymore.
  18. Neo
    While probably being informed on a number of matters you are woefully wrong on this matter, sort of like a Hi-Point basher who has never owned a Hi-Point.

    I have owned a Geo Metro, my granddaughter has it now. It does not and never has gotten 50MPG.
    My wife and I currently own 2 loaded Priuses, our average is 48 MPG and on the Hiways on long trips with the cc set we have averaged as much as 65 MPG (far above the rated MPG).

    Our Priuses also ride much better and have safety features never even dreamed of on the Metro along with a good many more comfort items.

    An education in any field does not make one an expert on everything.

    I speak from first hand experience on this matter of Metro vs Prius.
    Do you?

    The evil conservative greenie snob
  19. Strangerous

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    Neo, you got pwned! (Still love ya!)
    Oh man, Neo you gotta come back really hard, you're going to... i know you will.