I had a wreck

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  1. mr_flintstone

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    Well, I was rear-ended 8 days ago by a water department truck. I was stopped, signaling to turn across the road when I glanced in my rear view mirror. I thought "This guy isn't going to stop!" And he didn't; didn't even slow down. He swerved at the last second and took out the passenger side of my tailgate and truck bed at about 50 miles per hour. He finally came to a stop after about 200 feet on the other side of the road. The city police came to work the accident, but when the sheriff's department showed up they handed it off to them. I still haven't gotten an accident report. I've called a couple times, and they say they are working on it. I'm starting to think that it may have something to do with the fact that the sheriff's office and water department share the same building... Probably not though. Anyway, I wish they would get something done. I need my truck.
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    Call the local sheriff, call the local DA, call your city or county council members, and if they aren't helpful, start talking lawyer if they don't take care of things pronto.....that's ridiculous.

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    Keep after them like a Bulldog. But, count your blessings. You could have been badly injured or killed.
    Sic your insurance company on them. They have lots of lawyers.
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    Keep calling to get the report or a report number so you can give it to your insurance. Call a personal injury attorney also to see what if anything they could do. Injuries if so you need to call them now. Do not make any statements to the other side till your attorney says so. Take a ton of pic. Medical reports. Did he get cited?? Your insurance will cover you for medical and lost wages to a point. Then you have to go after the city/county insurance. If it was a city vehicle the PD shouldn't of did the investigation it would be the sheriff office or the other way around. Keeps them unbiased. That's how we do it.
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    Contact the risk management dept and get the ball rolling.
  6. mr_flintstone

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    I talked to our SRO at school today (he is a deputy sheriff). He said that the system they used to do the accident reports went down last Thursday, and they didn't get it fixed until late Friday. He called in and they said it would be ready when I get off work today. He also said they ruled it their fault.

    As for injuries and medical, I was lucky. My truck is built like a tank, and didn't even move when I was hit. The other vehicle (a late model Jeep Cherokee) was pretty much destroyed on the front and all the way down the driver's side, broke a rim, and lost a tire.
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    Here's a MUCH better way to get action. Call your insurance company and give them all of the particulars, and inform them that the sheriff's department is refusing to give you a police report, and ask THEM to start calling. You'll get a lot better action that way.
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    Would have been nice if they had TOLD you why it wasn't ready, right?:rolleyes:

    The water dep't truck was a Jeep Cherokee?:eek:

    A- I thought you meant a TRUCK!


    B- How rich IS your county, and why do they need a Jeep, when they can get Explorer's and such so much cheaper? Unless maybe its the new diesel motor Jeep?

    Except of course...they AREN'T.:cool:
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    A friend of mine just got killed about 2 1/2 months ago in a collision with a water truck in West Virginia. The water truck lost control hitting him head on. Pushed his truck off the road and over a cliff where it caught on fire and he burned.
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    That is what Mole was thinking too :rofl:
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    Sorry about that. I meant the ones they use to go around to install meters and such. They actually contract with the fire depts. here to deliver water instead of using their own tanker trucks.

    It wasn't new. They probably bought it used or surplus. As a matter of fact, I don't know of any new county govt. vehicles around including the sheriff's dept. The city police dept have a few.