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    Please don't get upset and or get really PO'd with me over this but what the H is wrong with some of you out here. You buy a gun that was designed and tested and the first thing some of you do is either modify it or want to modify or make plans on modifying or whine and moan over the fact it won't hold 10,000 rounds.
    You bought the Hi Point cause it's a cheap reliable weapon and your trying to make it into a glock or Berreta or what ever you think you want. Geesh folks take the darn gun and use it the way it was designed and stop trying to muck it up LEAVE IT ALONE AND JUST SHOOT THE DARN THING!!![​IMG]

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    Same reason you modify anything; cars, computer, landscaping, house color, remodel your kitchen, etc. Why not modify it? It is yours to do with it as you please. Just because you buy something one way, doesn't mean you don't believe it could be improved upon. Why would you polish the feed ramp; it didn't come that way from the factory? Because it works better if you do. Why install a lighter trigger pull? again, because the gun functions better.

  3. I think one thing is that if you ruin it, you are out a couple hundred bucks at most.

    I would never modify my P08 Luger, but if I could modify a mag to make my 995 carbine hold more rounds, I would think about it.
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    Why put a wing on the trunk of a $400 1995 ford escort and a fake crom exhaust tip with spinner HUB CAPS???

    I hear ya Shooter.
  5. Wow, didn't realize you felt so strongly about it.

    Your right, why do it, why not just leave it like it is. While I'm at it, why not take that extra bit of RAM and extra hard drive I installed on this computer. Might as well take those mudders off your hunting truck. Heck, dont buy any accesories for your carbine either, not even extra mags.... because the original way it came is perfect.

    End of MY rant.
  6. People like accessories. I feel you, though. I mean, I buy a firearm for a specific purpose like CCW or HD or plinking or hunting or whatever... and I don't even feel like making a weapon into something that it's not. That's just me. For example, I got a $180 SKS... and I don't feel like putting $200 of accessories on it to trick it out - it's military surplus for heaven sakes! Other people like to "bubba" them out... that's their "thing", I guess. And, sometimes they even look cool when they're done; but, I'm not putting $200 worth of anything into a $200 gun to make it look cool. I don't think I'll ever understand it when I see someone tricking out a Mosin-Nagant, y'know. I do understand it when they try to refurbish them, though.

    At the same time, what's wrong with a scope? or a light? or a laser? I feel that I'm willing to spend a few dollars, but not excessively so.

    Stay cool.
  7. I can see both sides of the street, I personally am for leaving milsurps alone because you are messing with history. Its like taking an anicent gold coin and drilling a hole in it so you can use it for a necklace.

    But a gun like the hi point or other guns that have no significant historical value, if you can make it more to your liking, why not?
  8. Nothing is so good that it can't be improved. I agree with MarksmanOne though, why trick out an old milsurp? That's just stupid if you ask me....

    However, the point still remains. Nothing is perfect as it is, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Some people just like to take it to the extreme I guess, which is perfectly fine if they have the available cash to do it.

    Sometimes I think people have more money than they have sense actually, but that's just me.
  9. Shooter and the rest:

    Relax, these are really just toys, no matter what else we may call them. They are machines we use toward a variety of purposes and if someone wants to mess around with theirs no harm done. If you ruin it, there are more on the market; if you do something cool then others will copy it.

    Don't let stuff worry you unless it's important. If you want to do something important, quit playing with your gun(s) and have a conversation with someone you might miss someday.
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    A BIG +1 AMEN Preach it brother! This is how I feel too the letter. It is a HI-Point shoot the thing do not worry about how they look. OK you bought a weapon with a single stack mag. No big deal practice with it over and over find a way to get fast with the mag change. If you want something with a double stacked mag step up to the plate and buy something with one. :lol:
  11. Then I guess you folks think I'm awfully silly then.
    Because i've done quite a few modifications to mine.
    Well, It's my 995 and I'll do whatever the hell I want to with it thank you very much. My money paid for it and if I want to put it in an ATI stock and mount Beretta tri-rails and top cover rails on it I can.
    If I want it electric blue with bright yellow spots then thats ok too.
    My gun, my rules.
    Could this be the rise of a new species of gun owner; the reverse gun snob? Someone call Darwin.
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    Shooter, it is all about having that "Custom" look/feel. everyone has different opinions on what looks/feels good. I am a big fan of modifications, tweaks, and all aspects of customization.

    Even the Knights in the dark ages would customize their armor, shield, and sword. Why? Surely it came perfect from the blacksmith, right?
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    Not to ruffle any feathers here, but if hi-point would actually produce any decent factory accessories, then this wouldnt be near as much of an issue.
  14. So are you folks suggesting not using the ATI stock anymore?
    I getting the feeling like maybe you folks are becoming a little unhappy with all these ATI'ed 995s.
    Just for the record I have never frakked around with the internal workings of my gun. All the modifications I have made at external only.
  15. I like the way things are: simple, dependable firearms, designed for maximum, accurate use, with little extra frou-frou pumping up the initial buy-in.

    I like a community that encourages and admires those who innovate, whether that be with their individual firearm, or whether they seek to expand a market, as with bushman's triggers and operating handles.

    In short, I like a manufacturer who pumps out basic, accessible firearms that are affordable and which engender both the enthusiasm and innovation that we see here.

    Satisfied (and enthusiastic) with the status quo,

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    I do not really care what some one does to their Hi-Point. I just find it funny that folks take something so simple that works and start pimping it out.
  17. I think that all wepons are a tool to be either modified to the user's likeing or not. I have chose to not modify my 995 and 4095 except for adding a laser on the 995 and a red / green dot on the 4095 .
  18. Bought my hi-point cause i knew they were accurate, reliable, cheap, and it was what I could afford. Planned to keep it strapped to the climbing pack and wouldn't matter if it tumbled down the face of a mountain and I wouldn't care. Next thing I know I'm shooting the snot out of it, then I see the possibilities of modding it, next thing I know it doesn't leave the house unless it's in a hard case. I modified because I could. Because I wanted to. Because I was curious. Because it was my rifle and I thought it would be better with some changes...and ya know what, I was right.
  19. If you want a bunch of accessories buy a AR.

    The Hi Point is a simple weapon that is not meant to have a lot of add ons, doing the tooling to make them so would add cost in production which would then make them more expensive to us.

    Which would then make them undesirable to us because the cost factor would be different
  20. Why should I care if someone does or doesn't want to modify their Hi-Point?

    I have my own problems. :lol: