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    but I'd like to hear your opinions. I just watched a show on Smithsonian on the JFK assassination again. They ran the instant the presidents brains wen flying over the trunk over and over. I know what all the "experts" have insisted on all these years, that that bullet came from behind. All the animals I shot when I was growing up, not once did guts, blood, fur, brains, anything come flying back at me. When I see that clip, what comes to my mind is that any idiot can see that bullet came from the front, and the debris followed the bullet. You're a smart bunch of guys, what do you think?
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    Check this still from that film. It shows the bullet came from behind


    You can see "matter" heading up and slightly forward of JFK.

    Another link is even better. Their conclusions about missing chunks of head and such are a bit uninformed, though. They use this guessing about what's missing to say the film and the morgue picture and descriptions of the wounds don't match at all. They then conclude that this proves the entire film was a fake...but tinfoil hats ARE cheap, after all.:rolleyes:


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    Now you're gonna laugh but I was in Dallas a couple of months ago and I am now convinced of a second shooter on the grassy knoll.
    It's only 50 yards with a target coming towards you and from the building it's a 100 yards on a downward shot with a target moving away.
    Like a million other people I stood behind that very fence and it immediately clicked on my mind.
    Went back after 5-6 beers at Hooters and the picture was even clearer lol
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    Nope, not buying it. All the witnesses disagree, which makes sense, since sounds bounce all over in a street full of buildings.
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    Well I'm right and you're wrong and that settles it.........

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    COOL! But I did not think you were nearly that old.
    It happened before I was born!
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    Honey....is that you?:eek:
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    My personal opinion, Oswald was simply a scape goat. He was there, but I think somebody else actually fired the deadly shots. I think Johnson used his Mafia connections to get rid of him.
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    I do believe Oswald was one of the shooters and he did shoot and he did hit JFK.
    But with a target that important would you really only go with one shooter? You know that if he'd get wounded you would never have a chance at him again.
    So Oswald was a shooter and he was set up and he was the fall guy.
    The biggest bunch of BS is the Jack Ruby story.
    He shot Oswald because he was told to, not because of 'patriotic' reasons.
    The CIA found and set up Oswald and the mob did the rest.
    The second shooter was also likely killed in the following days.
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    We'll have you subscribed to tinfoil hat monthly eventually!.......
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    I'm convinced the Federal Reserve is behind it. JFK was the last president to attempt to dissolve it.

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    She's Always Watching!
    Has "he" ever suggested you not buy a gun?
    That would be corroborating evidence ;)

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