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Much like @greg_r and his Hidden Woodsmen and Helikon Tek thing, I have an addiction to military and military style backpacks, down to making a few of my own to use military frames.. and modding military bags to fit different frames...

Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Automotive tire Cargo pants

Left to right
1.Alice frame with Fire force belt, unknown aftermarket shoulders, one USGI cargo shelf (have another shelf with 4 LC lash straps in storage),

2. extra woodland shoulder straps, OV Innovations improved lower straps, extra kidney pad

3. Large ALICE, green with woodland straps that have OV Innovations Improved QD lower straps, stock kidney pad

4. Medium ALICE, stock everything, Camo Green 483 everything

5. Medium ALICE, Woodland bag and straps, woodland MOLLE belt on ALICE frame

6. Large ALICE, commercial woodland, modded and on MOLLE II frame with woodland suspension,

7. Self made 1,700ci pack bag with Tactical Tailor Super straps and Eagle Industries USMC Hydro/utility pouches

Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Pattern Door

8. Blackhawk Industries SOF ruck, dark olive green, 10 pockets, Large sized, way too big and heavy, Korean made

9. Unknown Asian made "Becker Patrol Pack" copy with ALICE frame pocket, shittiest waist belt ever, olive drab, no ALICE webbing on body. Made of a vinyl backed polyester of about 600D. Is a friend's/future client's ruck from which to take patterns, and to improve upon in better quality fabric and hardware; waiting until I get better sewing machine setup and until I improve my own QC.

Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Pattern Fashion accessory

10. CFP90/Field Pack Large, Internal Frame, modded to use Coleman Peak 1 27" frame, MOLLE II woodland belt,

11. Modded Patrol Pack from same line, modded to use GP sling

12. MOLLE II frame with woodland suspension and rifleman ruck bag, extra rifleman ruck bag in front

13. 2,000+ ci self made bag on newer 1606MC/FILBE Gen 2 frame with Down East Inc's Mountaineering adjustable pad/shoulder strap/waist belt set

14. Self made woodland bag with MOLLE II Medium/1609 Frame, MOLLE II woodland sustainment pockets, self-made minimalist web belt, ALICE woodland shoulder straps with OV Innovations' improved QD lower straps.

-not shown; 420d Taiwan woodland self made hiking style bag on Coleman 27" frame, currently in storage

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Deafie, maybe you should join our new support group - CDA. It was going to be Coffee Drinkers Addicted, but the letters work for you, too. Seriously, you do nice work!

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