I have a stupid mag question

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    Anyone have a C9 mag that actually holds 8 rounds? When I first bought my C, I bought some decent ammo for it. My mag would actually hold 8 so I could actually carry 8+1. I bought up several boxes of WWB and now it will only hold 7 so I can only carry 7+1. Also I had a mag that the follower broke in. It would hold 8 but would not go in all the way when I slid it into the gun. I sent it back and the one they sent me will only hold 7. So I was curious how everyone elses did.
  2. Have an 8 rounder that holds 8 and a 10 rounder that holds 10

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    Could the wwb be slightly larger than the other ammo? I tried to mix them to see if I could get 8 in either of them just as an experiment. I do not carry mixed ammo. The original ammo I bought was sjhollow points. I am confused.
  4. Only way I can think of to be sure would be to get some of the original ammo and see if it holds 8. If not, there is something blocking space in the bottom of the mag or something similar
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    Waltham41 thanks for your help. I can load 8 of the original ammo but not the wwb so I guess there is a slight size diff in the 2 winchester ammos.
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    I can load 8 rounds of WWB in my C9 mags. Although, when they were new, it was a little hard to get that last round in.
  7. All of my C9 8 round mags hold eight rounds, and all i shoot is WWB.. I dont know what could be causing your mag not to load all 8...

  8. That is strange, the rounds should be the same size. See if you can force 8 of the WWB in yours and let it set a week or 2 and see if that makes a difference.
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    Ok I managed to force 8 of the wwb into it. The pressure was enough to slightly spread the lips on it. I will leave it for a couple weeks and see if it helps.
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    How new is the C9.

    Most new mags have very stiff springs.
    Load 7 rounds and put the mag away for a few days. Remove all rounds and reload with 7 rounds again, let set and repeat. After 4 or 5 times try putting the 8th round in. It will be stiff getting it in, but once it is just put the mag away for a week.
    Then repeat the steps. The spring will give eventually and you will be able to fully load the mag.
    I had the same problem with my 40Cal. Just took some time to break in the mag. Once done she shot like a dream. Had the same problem with the C9 but that mag broke in faster.
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    The weapon is only a few months old. The mags are new. I have another that will take 8 wwb with no probs. It has had over 5000 rounds through it. I have my springs compressed and put away . I will get them out next week and unload and reload a few times and then put away loaded for another week and do it all over again until that 8th one goes in them right.