I have some info about weapons.

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  1. I have some owners manual and some instructions how to take apart..
    first come,first gets....pm me if you want any of these items.
    some are not copys, some are 8x12 copys.. free/just pay ship..:cool:

    1 smith&wesson model 59 9mm-parts list and takedown..
    1 uzi model b 9mm-takedown..
    1 glock all models-parts list and takedown..
    1 mossberg model 702 plinkster 22lr-parts list and takedown..
    1 tommy gun all models 45cal-parts list and takedown..
    1 ruger mini 14 223-parts list..
    1 plr-16-parts and takedown..
    1 sigarms models p220/p225/p226/p228/p229/p239/p245-parts and takedown.
    1 taurus model pt-92-parts list and takedown..
    1 armscor squires bingham model 20 also 16/1600 22lr-parts list..
    1 m1 30 cal-parts list and takedown..
    1 dakota model 1873 s/a army revolver 45 cal-parts list..
    1 kimel model ap-9 9mm-takedown..
    1 crossbow model viper-owners guide..
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    Thanks for generously making these available at no cost (outside of shipping).

    Instead of PM, please post an "I'll take [xxxx]" to the thread so that other interested parties do not request items which are gone. After the "I'll take [xxxx]" has been posted, then PM can be used to exchange shipping and payment.

    Kirk [Moderator]

  3. hey everyone, just let me know wish one you want.
    I take xxx
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    Most of these can be found online! I have cleaning mats for quite a few of them with diagram/parts list.