I hope there's a 12 step program for HP addiction!

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    Doggonnit! Less than a month ago I was a self-confessed gun snob with no handgun experience but still knew for sure that HP's were nothing more than Saturday Night Specials. Then I bought one. And found this forum. On the same day.

    So yesterday my wife wanted to go to a gun show for her birthday, to look at something smaller to carry than her Glock. The only thing we left with was a bottle of water, a giant filled pretzel and... A new HP 45 ACP with my name on it.




    It already got 100 rounds of Blazer Brass through it this afternoon. WOW!. And I though the C9 was fun. This thing jams, and I mean that in a good way.

    My family is getting bigger now. Time to make myself a sign and go stand in front of Wally World. It'll say "Will work for BULLETS". Yeah, that's it.
  2. Unfortunately all 12 steps involve your wallet or checkbook, sorry! ;)

  3. i know the feeling hobo... i'm surrounded by "hi point haters" and it's hard to get them... in may, i'm visiting family in arizona, and i'm going to do some serious hi point shopping...
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    I don't know what part of NC you're in but there's a gunshow in Greenville, SC next weekend and the seller I got mine from will be there. Prices were and will be next week;

    CF380 and C9 - $139

    .40 S&W and .45 ACP - $169

    995 - $199

    Those prices are plus sales tax, which I think up there is 7%. I walked out the door with mine for $180. They have BOXES of the things and said they will next weekend too.
  5. wow... those are some great prices... i can't find a hi point in my area, and when i did find a 995, i paid way 2 much for it.. i must admit, it's one of my favorites...
  6. .40cal's 12 Step Program for HP Addiction:

    Step 1. Buy a Hi-Point
    Step 2. Buy another Hi-Point
    Step 3. Buy another Hi-Point
    Step 4. Buy another Hi-Point
    Step 5. Buy another Hi-Point
    Step 6. Buy another Hi-Point
    Step 7. Buy another Hi-Point (by now you should have 1 of each)
    Step 8. Accessorize your Hi-Points til you're blue in the face
    Step 9. Buy mass quantities of ammo in each caliber
    Step 10. Go to the range
    Step 11. Fire all of your Hi-Points
    Step 12. Repeat steps 9-11 when your ammunition supply runs dry

    What's that? You say you meant that you wanted a CURE for Hi-Point Addiction? I'm sorry sir, but there is no such cure for your condition, and it is unlikely that one will ever be discovered.
  7. A 12 step prgram for Hi-Point addiction? Surely, not. The basis of any 12 step program is reaching the point where you both realize you're an addict AND want to quit. Since there are very few Hi-Point owners that want to quit Hi-Points, it's highly unlikely there'd be enough of a population to make a group from.

    I'd be one of those of those that says "Hey, I outa quit" but I'd ditch group to go to the gun shop. :D
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    Hey I got 14 HPs now and still buying. They aint no cure fo dis .
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    I bought my first hi-point in 2000 and destroyed it. Ex-wife got crazy with it, long story. Bought the 995 almost two months ago and it became my favorite gun to shoot. I have a ruger 10/22, taurus 6" .357, a 91/30, and my winchester mod 70 30.06 (pretty much deer season only, 3 shots to check scope and keep it fired) and a maverick 88 12ga. I LOVE to shoot the 995. I am waiting on Uncle Sam to send me the check to get my next two hi-points: 4095 and the .45 auto.
    If there is a 12 step program, don't tell me about it. I'm not done yet.
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    Uncle Sam is sending you a check to buy guns, isn't that a straw purchase :lol: ?
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    Economic stimulus means a larger army of ron. :D :D :D
  12. Now stop, that! LOL