I hope you don’t feel like I Betrayed you all…

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    …I sold my C9 today to make room for a better (Thinner) gun to use for CCW. The thing is I have to justify every firearms perches to my wife, and she wouldn’t let my buy another Compact 9mm until I got rid of the C9. I still plan on getting a 995 for home defense though.
  2. dont like it , but do understand it. that said ok, we still love you but dont wait too long to get the carbine

  3. I forgive you. I thought the C-9 was big and bulky as well.....until I got the .45. Wow, now that is a beast. Keep the wife happy and more freedom may come down the road.
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    I'm not sure if I can rightfully say that I forgive you as I only bought my HPs last Saturday... but... I feel your pain, the C9 is a bulky weapon. In fact, my next handgun purchase will be either the Walther PPS or the P99 compact (both 9mm because... Hurray for similar chambered guns!)

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    TRAITOR!!!! Sure use THAT as an excuse!! slimmer gun YA right next you'll want a larger mag right? Let me guess you wanna Glock :wink: :lol: Just kidding wid ya find what you're comfy with

    BUT!! We know WHO wears the pants in your family [and it sure aint you]

  6. Lol, oh thats good stuff.
  7. Its a shame... Makes a good cheap BUG. I sold my C-9 though so you're in good company. I regret it, so I suspect you will as well, but what happens happens. Just take this as a good learning experience: don't sell your guns :)
  8. freedom

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    Nothing wrong with selling your guns, so long as they are guns you do not shoot a whole lot or you have found that you dont like them for some reason.

    Nothing wrong with selling a gun now and then to help finance that new toy you want either.

    Sometimes you have to sell off some of the herd to afford that new Bull.

  9. Exactly.
  10. OK so you get rid of the C9. Make a public appoligy AND NO *&#& PICS OF THE NEW GUN!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

    Sorry that was the other dude in my head lol WHERE ARE THE NEW PICS!!!!!!!!! LOL

    What did you go with bro lets see it.

    That was all in Jest.
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    As someone who's had to sell a beloved Hi-Point (a 995...) I can understand sometimes. BUT, I would suggest keeping an eye out for another C9 when funds allow. You won't find a more robust, durable 9mm on the market hands down. There's a reason these things are built like zinc bricks: They'll take a TON of abuse and still shoot straight!
  12. I personally don't sell guns cause its for me one of those things that u end up buying another one sooner or later to replace it lol
  13. Hey, I'm going to the gun show this weekend. Looking for a 995 and the wife wants a 8round revolver....if she wants to wear pants that's okay with me! Too bad hi-point don't make a wheel gun, looks like a Taurus will have to do.
  14. Gun limits suck. My wife tried the same thing. I explained to her that there is no limit as far as I was concerned. If she really wanted to push the issue, then the next time we would have gone shopping for clothes or shoes, i would have said that she didn't need any more. Anyway, what it boiled down to and what got me off the hook was explaining to her that I didn't question what she spent her money on and, as a working man, I should be able to have the same option. It works.
  15. I have feathers.
    Anyone have any tar?
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    Sorry, no new gun yet. I am not sure what I want to buy. I'm thinking about Bersa Thunder 9, a Ruger SP101 or a CZ-83 but I am not sure and I am open to any suggestions. All I am sure of is that I want a Metal frame DA/SA, no Glock's, XD's or the like. I don't like the feel of a plastic gun.
  17. STRING HIM UP! CHARGED WITH GRAND BETRAYAL! YOU"RE ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED AND WE'RE COMING FOR YOU! Naaa, it's alright. Not many people have an unlimited gun fund, including me, so some sacrifices need to be made occasionally, especially when it comes to you carry gun. The c9 is a perfectly fine pistol, but certainly not designed for concealed carry, although it would work, still not designed.
  18. Well, I have kids and they always come first. So I usually have to sell in order to buy. I completely understand.
  19. hipoint.nut

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    +1 I'm in that boat too.
  20. Silicon Wolverine

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    ive bought and sold six C9s over the years, i know your pain. AND THIS THREAD IS WORTHLESS WITHOUT PICS!