I joined the 995 crowd

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Loopster, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. I finally joined the 995 crowd. I picked up a 995 NIB for $189.00.

    Can't wait to get a chance to shoot it. It's so cool to finally hold one in my broke little hands. :lol:

    Here's a pic. I know there are many like it, but THIS one is MINE!

  2. HPHooked

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    Welcome to the Broken Budget crowd.

    That little shooter will eat up your ammo budget real quick so you better be careful. Things like food and toilet paper tend to get overlooked when you have a 995 (or 4095) carbine to feed. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Great to see another carbine lover in the fold. Enjoy. 8) 8) 8)

  3. condition1

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    995!!?? Dude, that crowd is lame. You shoulda gone 4095!!! :wink:
  4. condition1

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    ok I admit it... I want one of those, too.
  5. Your gonna love your new 995 carbine, I guarantee it.

    Go to Wal Mart and get a BSA red dot scope, only $29.95. It really enhances the 995!
  6. excellent purchase... . buyer beware because these carbines are accurate and easy to fall in love with, and you may find yourself "convincing yourself" why you should buy the 4095.. my excuse is, "she needs a sister."
  7. Dont forget all those other other cool accesories you can buy made by a certain member.

    \ /
  8. Thanks, guys. Actually, the reason I went with the 995 is because I have the c9 and not the .40.

    If I bought a 4095 then I'd have to buy the .40 caliber handgun, etc. etc.

    I have wanted a 995 ever since I got the c9, and I figured that depending on who our next President is, I might not get a chance to get it later. Yeah, I intend to get the BSA scope. I may also get the laser that mounts underneath it.

    Now, I do have the JHP45 so when the 4595 comes out ...

    I have to confess I was a little surprised by how much trigger pull there is and how hard the charging handle is to work.
  9. Welcome to the 'carbine club'-fun to shoot and ammo is reasonable (but unfortunately not as cheap as it once was)

    Be prepared to go through several hundred rounds each time you take it out--they're a lot of fun!
  10. Congrats, I suggest you look around on the net and if you can afford to, buy your ammo in bulk, it makes it cheaper to shoot and you get more bang for your buck.
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    I want one :? Not sure which one to get though, the 995 or the 4095. I have the C9 and was thinking I should get the 995 because they shoot the same ammo but I want to do some hunting with my father in law and figure the 4095 would be better. Can you take down deer with the 995? New to hunting so I really don't know :?
  12. I would think it would take down a deer if you're close enough and/or a good shot. It's a large enough caliber and has the power.
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    Hopefully will be adding one of those to my family next week, and a 4595 when/if it ever comes out.
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    .. I finally gave in and bought a 995.. I've been selling HiPoints for a while and that homely little carbine just always felt great and made sense... couldn't resist it any longer. gave it one quick try at about 40 yds and it did pretty well.. mine has the red dot scope. My wife couldnt\'t beleive I needed another gun and wondered why this one is so funny looking... I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess I will become best friends with Bushman 98 sooner or later, I like the look of his stuff but want to get acquainted with it in stock form first.
  15. My wife is the same way. Oh well.