I just bought a new bond arms derringer

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    I was impressed when I shot 000 buck, expecting the gun to try to leave my hand while I pulled the trigger but the recoil was about the same as a 9mm. They have 17 different barrels that cover almost every handgun round except 22 mag and the .17 round. I can put a .45 round in one chamber and a .410 round in the other. Check the out at bondderringer.com or leathergunsetc.com
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    OK photos? :wink:

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    Did you get the one with the triggergaurd? I have been looking at these and will probably buy one in the next few months so any type of review would be great. When fishing I venture pretty deep into "snake country", and I think the bond410 would be perfect. The best price I can find around here (PA) is $350.
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    Bond Derringer

    I got the one with the trigger guard. The only gun I have without a triggerguard in the american arms derringer 22lr or mag. I like the aa deringer but it's a close defense weapon. A Bond with 000 buck is like shooting 5 357 rounds with one shot and you have 2 barrels. Talk about cutting some trees down.
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    Check out bondarms.com