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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Krippp, Jan 24, 2008.

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    a few weeks ago I posted that i was getting rid of my C9 and another pistol to make room for a new Glock G21sf, but after going to the gunshop to use the c9 as a down payment I looked into the case and just couldn't part with it. the c9 has been very troublesome for me for a few months now, tried everything short of sending it in, but after a moment of nostalgia at the shop I decided to give her new life and she's being shipped back to hi-point in the morning for a fresh lease on life. I'm always reading on here how alot of you miss your first guns, well the c9 was my first handgun and as finicky as she has been recently I just don't want that feeling of remorse to creep in. btw, the glock is ordered, i just ponied up some cash for it

  2. Thats the way to do it, now you have 2 guns, that is how a collection is started ;)
  3. So let me get this straight. You were given up your HP / First gun. Bad move. THEN, you buy a GLOCK!!!!!!! Dude, where's your head??????

    JK - Good on you for both moves! Don't own a Glock, but lot's of folks here have and love them. We expect a full report w/ pics of course! :lol: :lol:
  4. Yet another "Good decision" kudo. HP will absolutely make it right. I had none of the problems you did, but I can assure you that the great little C9 that you're going to get back from Beemiller will be a real joy to shoot.
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    don't get me wrong, the c9 at first was a hoot and reliable, but after about 1000 rds it really started having feed issues. I too was a glock hater for a long time but after renting a g21 and g22 a few weeks ago, i was truly impressed and comfortable with them and besides the c9 is the only 9mm handgun that i have the others are an xd45 and the one i bought last friday the sigma .40ve smith. felt so bad about the trauma i put the c9 through that i bought it a new holster from pro-tech this week........Have i gone to far now?
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    when i was little my dad told me never to sell a gun because no matter how good of an idea it is at the time you will always regret it... well dad was right but i still had to find out the hard way when i let go of my first remington 870.... i thought hell we have more than enough shotguns what they hell right, well it was my first shotgun i got when i was 12 and ive shot a lot of stuff with that gun.... i still kick myself in the arse

    but anyways... i want to see a full report on that 21sf as its on the short list for my next gun... looks like its going to be a Glock 21sf, the new HK45 or an EAA Zastava EZ... basically i HAVE to have the new Hk but if someones review can talk me out of the HK i might just have to buy 2 guns
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    If you had done that we could have called you a Glock-sucker :lol: . I've only sold 1 gun that I didn't later regret. (Appoligies to the G-man)

    Take Care and Stay Safe.
  8. i sold my NAA Guardian, i regret selling that gun so much. just keep the collection growing
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    It's ok bro...you did the right thing, even if it was expensive.

    I say we all send him a pack of Ramen each, just to offset the cost of the new Glock :p it's the least we could do.

    That, and after you're staring at 50 packs of ramen that just came in the mail and your better half staring at you like a pack of lemmings have molested the family pet, you'll begin to think twice before getting rid of that quality firearm :lol:
  10. Congrats on keeping the C9 and sending it in for warranty work. When it comes back it will good as new and you will still have your first gun. The Glock is a decent weapon, but I cant see buying one if I already had a XD and Sigma. To each his own and hope you enjoy the C9 and Glock.