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Ditto to vinas74.. Honestly though, at $200, that's the price I paid for my .45 JHP, AFTER taxes in our fine state. I hope that price includes an extra something or a couple extra somethings... although I picked mine up used at auction for $120 because there were no local dealers who had it in stock, the new suggested retail is only $155.

As far as the weight, its part of the design to minimize the recoil, that is one of the major things I like about mine (and when I run out of ammo, I can clunk the BG with it :D ). I tell you though, once I held it up in firing position I didn't feel the weight...then again, I started with the .45 first so the C9 feels like a toy in comparison to me. But the more I handled it from a low to high position, the more I got accustomed to it.. compared to same size Glocks, Taurus, Springfield, it is much heavier, but not so much that you can't hold it to let off a succession of controlled shots from a full mag.

Like the others suggest, go rent it, send many rounds through it, just grip it 'well'.. if you have medium to large hands you will want to get the 10 round extended magazine, I did.

Good luck! AND if you do buy it and afterwards don't want it, let me know, I am only on the west end of I-4 from Orlando. 8)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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