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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by jason865, Oct 21, 2007.

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    My newest rifle, purchased yesterday to replace my mossberg plinkster that I traded. I must say, these are some nicely built rifles. I went through a hundred rounds or so yesterday, without incident. Groupings were good, about 2" at 25 yards with the peep sites. Usually I would stack two out of three shots on top of each other and have one that wandered slightly. I think the groups will get a bit tighter without any modifications as I get to know the rifle a bit more and it gets broken in a bit.


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    Ruger 10/22s are some of the nicer .22 rifles out there. People make a ton of after market stocks for them. You can make that think look like anything from an AK to an MP5 and even Bullpus stocks. Heck I have even seen a kit for a crank powered Gatling Gun using two Ruger 10/22s.

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    Outstanding choice!
    That puppy will last forever, plus there are a bazillion add-on made for them.
    I have 2 of 'em.
    Here is one.
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    That thing is Sweet Uncle Rob! I love the Drum. How many rounds does it hold?
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    Thanks Maverick. That is a ProMag 50 round. They are not the greatest thing in the world. A PIA to load and not 100%.

    I still have a soft spot for the look of that one Jason865 just got. It reminds me of my very first firearm. It too was a Ruger 10/22.
    They are ALMOST as much fun to shoot as a 995. :wink:

    Good lookin' rifle Jason865!
  6. Jason,

    Congrats on the 10/22, your gonna love it! These guns have more accessories available than just about anything else on the market when it comes to rimfires.


    Nice looking setup you got there, been wondering what that stock really look liked when mounted on the 10/22.

    Here is what my 10/22 looks like now. The scope is a Bushnell Sportsman 4x12x40 with adjustable AO. I mounted this scope just to do some ammo testing, then it will be moved to my Marlin 925M .22Mag. The 10/22 will get a set of Weaver see thru bases and a Simmons 22Mag 3x9 w/adjustable AO and be used as a field gun instead of a bench and paper shooter. The handgun in the pic is my Ruger 22/45 with fluted 4.5" PacLite upper, the scope was mounted for ammo testing purposes and will be replaced by a 1" Bushnell red dot with detachable bases.

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    Can't go wrong with a Ruger 10/22.
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    Ya buddy, 10/22 was my first 22 rifle/carbine.
    I can hit pretty good with the iron sights and drive nails with the scope.
    You can't go wrong with a 10/22, good buy, you will love it.
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    That was my first purchase. I still have it thirty odd years later. A great choice!