I just finished my Ruger Mark 2 holster today.

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  1. Very nice. What is the process to get the leather form fitted like that?

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    After the leather is sown. I dip the holster into warn water. I look at every detail I han gring out in a gun, Shove it in and with a rubbing stick, rub out the details. I an a apprentice for a leather craftsman. I finally found a job I love. We make all the holsters for Bond Arms. I do most of the molding for their guns. Check us out at leathergunsetc.com
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    Please excuse the spelling.

    I don't know why alot of words get spelled wrong but I don't spell that bad.
  4. That is some nice hide work there bro. Wouldnt mind haveing a pancake for my M&P

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    Very nice Now you're gonna have to make 1 for Hi Points 380, C9, 40, and 45 :wink:
  6. Joebob, that's pretty cool lookin dude. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Cross draw

    We designed this holster as a cross draw and driving holster. It's got your free hand ready and the barrell is NEVER pointed at your body.