I just got my c9!!!

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  1. Got home about 30 minutes ago from my transer FFL dude, Goo Gone'd the sticker, played with the gun a bit, and took some pictures.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157603484196308/

    Check it out! You'll see what I've got in mind for an early project, but first thing is to hit the range tomorrow with a couple hundred rounds of WWB. I'll let you know how it goes. I can't wait!
  2. Amistad

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    Life has lots of pleasures, and bringing home a new gun is one that ranks high on the list! Good show, Steve! Let us know how that bad boy shoots.


  3. Dude - nice pics and congrats!!
  4. jamephipp

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    You'll love it and watch out for the Hi Point Fever it's very catching Congrats
  5. jamephipp

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    Is that a scope mount on the top?
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    What the h*ll are you planning on mounting to that bad boy? Congrats on the new gun. If you are already planning mods, you'll have your next HP in less than 2 weeks. HP Fever, you've got it.
  7. neothespian

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    Nice blaster!! (granted I just HAPPEN to have a C9 as well...so I'm biased).

    I'm very interested in what the plans are for that scope mount...
  8. Luv that lil C9. Fits so well in the hand too! But, alas, mine is busticated (HA) and is in the loving bosom of its Maker. Now, the .45 is too freakin heavy to be carrying around OC, so I had to get another unit to fill the empty hole that the C9 occupied. So Saturday I went and picked up a Taurus PT99 AF to fill the space. As much as I do love the Hi Points, I think until they start making a single/double action pistol, I'm gonna have to carry the PT. But hey, congrats on the C9. It's a mean lil spitfire!!!
  9. Love the rail. What kind is it? and where did you get it? :?:
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  11. Heck yeah, that's a scope mount that mounts to a picatinny rail. Of course, the c9 doesn't have one of those - yet! If I can figure out a good way to attach a short section of pic rail, then I can hook the scope mount to that. Quit laughing! I dunno *why*, I just want to. Reddot here I come!

    I got it off ebay by typing "picatinny" in the search. Here's one:


    Yeah, and I can mount a LASER to the botom of it! Tacticooool! :D