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i just had an uber geek moment.....

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when i was beyond stoked to open my mail and find a new US plastics catalog. the things i could do with that warehouse............

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lol! I remember when I used to get the Cyberguys catelogue (i have no freaking idea how to spell that) I would get all excited about looking through the parts haha. I dunno about a plastics catelogue though :p
I get like that when I get tiger directs sales ad comes in the mail....I just think of all the possibilities. Plus the 82 inch tv they had on the front cover made me need tissues.
its more the "props" geek in me than anything else. im kinda like mythbusters that way. i mean where else are you going to find everything from bullet resistant lexan to page protectors to storage bins to bubble wrap all in one catalog?

You gotta love the 50 gallon FDA liguid storage tanks. I was going to buy one to ferment moon.... I mean beer in.
and where do you get this catalog at? i want one :D.
oh the ten disc CD/DVD cases are AWESOME for storage. i have like 30 or 40 of them with burned DVD-Rs in them.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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