I just had to shoot a squirrel INDOORS

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  1. Silicon Wolverine

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    OK this is how it all went down. Two days ago a squirrel ripped open the end of my soffets to make a nest. I chsed him out (i thought) and fied the damage, about 200$ worth. Fast forward to today. I get home from work and my house is DEMOLISHED inside. The first thing i thought was i had been burglarized but all my guns and electrronics were still in place. Then a little gray bullet goes flying past me and perches on a chair back. The F'ing squirrel WAS IN MY HOUSE! He wouldnt go near the door, and about that time my wife and 2 yr old got home. Well i locked them in the bedroom and loaded my Colt .357 with CCI #9 shot rounds. He made it to the basement before i got a shot off and it endd up taking three to put him down. They say payback's a #$%^&. He cost me 200$, it cost him his life.

    Lessons learned
    2. CCI shot loads work well indoors, the shot goes in, but it doesnt come out. no damage, no mess
    3. If you have squirrels in your sofets, make sure they're out before you seal it up.



    ETA ive heard of bats in the belfry but never squirrels in your sofets...
  2. Ridge

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    .357 isnt a little bit of overkill? I think a .22 would be enough :p

  3. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    Didnt have any .22 shotshells.

  4. PETA! CALL PETA!!!!!! :lol: Sorry, I just watched a show on the bullcrap of them. Hmmmmm, indoor hunting. All the fin of hunting, but in the comfort of you own homes. I got a mouse I can't seem to catch, wanna come to my house?
  5. People Eating Tasty Animals? Yeah, we're right there with ya SW, good job buddy.
  6. SW=1, Dumb house destroying Squirrel=0

    Nice work brother
  7. neothespian

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    Man...you live in a rough neighbourhood, and that's even before you leave the house!!
  8. Fuzzy tailed rat home invasion...
  9. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    i thought about cooking him up for supper but decided banquet chicken was less work. If there werent so many holes in his hide id make a trpohy hat out of him.

  10. Neat!!

    This is not an ND or a AD for once.
  11. You need to get yourself a BB gun.

    Good hunting... remember to always eat your kill..... or at least its heart so you can take its life force.
  12. AndrewST

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    You chicken !@#$. Can't go one on one against that little bugger? Had to pull a gun....I bet he would have kicked your.....


    I have never had problems with those buggers. But we do have issues with possum getting into places they shouldn't have been.
  13. GlockMan

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    A sand wedge or a nine iron would have worked nicely!

    Anyhow I have figured it out! it was S/W in the basement with the .357 who killed the butler, I mean fuzzy tailed rat! (Clue)
  14. Keep the tail as a trophy :)

    When I did bug killing we had a couple of instances where we were called for squirrels that had chewed their way into a houses attic and we used a atomizer with ammonia to chase the little buggers out and then nailed wire mesh over the hole to keep them from going in again.

    That ammonia would sure get them out of the attic LOL
  15. Strangerous

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    Why the pliers to hold the bugger, you're supposed to hold them by the tail so you can chunk it into the neighbor's pool!

    Good job SW!
  16. When I kill a possum, I always use pliers to pick them up by the tail. I hate the feel of them slimy critters.
  17. I have a similar pic somewhere of the "remains" of a squirrel that chewed through a 13.2kv feeder line that it thought was in the wrong location. That little b****** shut an entire paper plant down for over a day and cost our company well over $1Million.

    They are the devil, Bobby Boucher!!!
  18. Rats Tree Rats.There were three in the yard the other day. Can't wait until the apple trees have ripe apples then we have 7 or 8 at a time in the yard. You would call it a target rich enviroment.Not a bad meal .
  19. squeak_D

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    WOW :shock: At least you got him. Personally I would have used one of my air guns to take him out. I just wouldn't feel right firing live ammo in the house with the wife and child in the home
  20. Huggy

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    oh come on, make the trophy hat... just don't wear it in the rain :wink: