I just have to vent!

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    I've been on another board on & off (mostly on) since about 6pm trying to trade a Mauser rifle. I got a bunch of offers all at once, mostly wanting to buy outright, but I was really more interested in trading.

    I got an email from a guy offering exactly what I wanted. I emailed him back and didn't hear anymore (for a while...more on that later).

    Since I didn't hear back from the guy offering the trade, I emailed everyone wanting to buy, told them what I'd like to get and where they were in the order of who responded. Out of all of those, I get one email back right away offering me even more than I had asked. I told him I needed to wait for the guy with the trade offer, but since he got back with me so quickly, I'd ask the guy with the trade offer for some cash with his gun to equal the amount (since we had never committed to anything). If he didn't want it, I'd give it to this guy for his cash price.

    Well, wouldn't you know, along comes another guy offering me exactly what I wanted plus cash. Since I still hadn't heard back from the first guy, I exchanged several emails with this fellow and we struck a deal. Since we were dealing with C&R firearms, we had exchanged licenses and everything. Since we had an agreement, I emailed everyone else and told them that I had a done deal and thanks for their interest.

    The next thing I know, I'm getting an email from the guy that I had a done deal with and he's backing out on me. I suppose his reason was valid for him, but I think it was bogus. I offered him a discounted price, and he still wasn't interested.

    Here's where it really gets fun. While all of this is going on, I finally hear back (several hours later) from the guy with the original trade offer. He said that he, too, was going to offer me cash plus his gun for my gun, and gave me a range. We exchanged emails (crossing several times) as I tried to nail him down to exactly what I was getting for what price, but basically thinking we've got a done deal as everything I gave him was in range he offered. Now I go awhile without hearing from him again, and when I do, he backs out on me. I tried to backtrack and offer him a better deal, and now I'm back to not being able to reach him.

    So, I've emailed the guy back that made me the first firm cash offer and hope he takes it.

    I've sold and traded numerous guns online and have never had this much trouble or headache. My biggest issue is, if your going to make an offer, and you see that I'm online (because the board has a little indicator that says I am), stay around long enough for me to respond, and if I send you an email, please respond in a timely manner, especially since I had already marked the item as gone. I'm so mad right now I don't know which way is up.

    Oh well, rant over. This too shall pass :cry:
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    usually when i make an offer to buy or sell an firearm i dont expect a reply instantly or even that day, usually a reply within 2 days is expected.

    i also dont try and run a bidding war to squeeze out the very best deal. If possible i try and pick the guy thats gonna use it as an SD weapon or has a very meager collection.

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    I realized I goofed up when I placed the ad, as I didn't specify how to contact me and how I would resolve any possible conflicts. I've now corrected that on another item I'm selling. I never intended to start a bidding war as I just wanted to trade it...I never posted a cash price (mistake #2), but when one person sends me a message but doesn't commit, and another person gives me a firm offer, I'm going the way of the firm offer, which is how I've generally seen it done.

    The good news is that the original guy I was going to trade with got back with me and we agreed to a deal. At this point, I'm still not completely comfortable, but I'm going to see what happens.
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    Sounds wierd to me. On the recieving end of such deals, with rifles and parts locally, I too, felt that something was amiss. I told one guy, I would be out of town, but wanted it. I get back in town, and he says I never responded to his PMs, askin if I wanted it (I couldnt, I told him I was out of town) Hmm, a dilemma?
  5. Did you finally work out a deal with one of them?? Anyway, thanks for the lesson and sharing your experience. Hopefully it will save some of the rest of us from the same problems. :roll:
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    I traded and sold many Hight end Air Rifles.
    $300.00 (Beeman R9)-$1,000.00 (Tallon SS+mods)

    I usually state in my add or on the first email. I'll need to known when you are expecting to pay me, buy what payment type.

    If I don't have payment by the time THEY say it should be to me.
    I contact the seller once more, and ask if perhaps it in delay in the mail?
    Other wise I sell it to the next guy.

    So far every deal has gone through.
    I don't trade ANY FFL items through mail........and don't plan to.
    FTF, or to the local FFL we go. Too many steps, and a hassel to ship firearms.
  7. a mans word should be good enough, but people sit behind these screens and lie like dogs and do things that they would never do to your face

    Its sad really
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    According to the last message I got from the gentleman, we have a deal and everything should be ok. I've done many C&R deals online, even several trades where we both agreed on a day that we would ship and have never had a problem.

    On a better note, I had two great FTF transactions today. I sold a rifle to one guy, drove up the road and spent that money buying a different one from another guy. I didn't have that money in my pocket long enough to know it :)
  9. Glad to hear that things worked out.

    It kills me on the other forums when I read of people that agreed to do something, and then 4 months later the seller finally comes out and asks them whats the deal and they say Oh, I changed my mind.
  10. werd. If you can't stand up........ don't stand up.

    Hope all works in the end.