I just ordered one of these

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by Ari, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Ari

    Ari Guest


    I looked at few guns Ruger 22/45, Browning Buckmark... I ended up here with a stainless S&W 22A, 5 1/2 inch barrel, hi vis stights for $250. It wont be in tell next week.
  2. Very Star Trek looking with that shaved grip and the stainless on the slide. Pretty gun, I like it.

  3. Nice, I guess those are the new models. I have an older version with a red dot scope on it. Accurate as heck. You are realy going to like it.

    Just watch out when you "field strip" it. The recoil spring (altough very light) could decide to take a arial trip into the next county.
  4. hipoint.nut

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    Did somone say Star Trek? I love Star Trek =/\= =/\=
  5. Cappy

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    WOW! Never seen one of them before. I have a Mark III Hunter 5" Fluted barrel that I haven't shot yet.
  6. Deadeye008

    Deadeye008 Member

    Looks similar to my Berreta U22 NEOS
  7. My cousin has a buckmark, really an interesting action on those things. It shoots well.
  8. Ari

    Ari Guest

    My best friend has a buckmark it is a real nice shooter. But this thing was $100 less and it comes with the scope rail
  9. Space

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    I have one. I wish I had the hi-viz sites on it though. Great little pistol.
  10. browwiw

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    My brother has one of those. Very excellent. You can shoot the primers out of spent 12 ga shells at about 15 yards with one. Sandbag and red dot scope not included.
  11. How many rounds does it hold?? Looks like a sweet deal. I have a Walther P-22 and really love that one. Always looking to add to the family.
  12. Ari

    Ari Guest

    It holds 10 rounds...
  13. Very nice looking! That looks like it'll be real fun to shoot.
  14. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Well it got here and there was this model too. I like it better... So take a look

  15. Cappy

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    I like the Black! Where'd you get it?
  16. Ari

    Ari Guest

    At my local gun store.
  17. Still holding out for my 22 plinker purchase till the charger makes it into local hands.