I just picked up a 995 last night, and... well, this is odd.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Aran, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Aran

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    I checked over the entire thing, the best I could, not being an expert on it, everything looked fine. I got home, went to install the charging handle...

    There are no threads on the inside of the hole for it to screw into. Not even on the other end of it. There's what looks like a nut, but unthreaded.

    Am I crazy?

    Assuming I'm not completely off the deep end, what should I do, contact Hi-Point? I doubt Dunham's Sports would give half a damn.
  2. screwylewie

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    If in fact there is no way to install the charging handle, dunhams would have no choice as to replace the firearm on the spot. They cannot knowingly sell a firearm that is defective and hope to retain their FFL. However hi-point would probably ship you a new part without the need to send in the entire gun.

    By the way did you get it for the $169.99 price at dunhams?

  3. Can you post pictures? Right now, I am lost as to what you are talking about...
  4. elguapo

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    I am smelling trollpuckey on this one.

    You bought it, and didnt realize the charging handle should be ON the firearm, but waited til you got HOME to try INSTALL it? huh?
    And THEN, you say, the "hole"doesnt have the threads for the aforementioned separate charging handle...

    Next thing, you will tell us a bogey range report with 3 diff mag types, and numerous firing pin types.

    Sweet, little man: enjoy your post.
  5. screwylewie

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    Dude chill, none of the hi-point carbines at dunhams have the chargin handles on them. I just picked up a 4095 from dunhams and chargin handle was NOT installed yet.

    I think what he is saying is that his slide was never tapped from the factory, if I read it right.

    +1 what primal said, post some pics.
  6. 995's are shipped without the charging handle installed. Unless a full function test was done in the store, you'd never know until you got it home.
  7. Aran

    Aran Member

    Yes. This.

    Though vitriol is always appreciated, I guess?

    (And I did, in fact, get it for $170, that's why I picked it up. Cheaper to buy this than build a 9mm upper for my AR)

    Pictures in... well, as soon as I can get a good shot.
  8. Aran

    Aran Member

    Here. Sorry the foreground's so blurry, my camera was having a hell of a time focusing, so I turned off autofocus, and I'm not a pro photographer.

  9. A.C.P.

    A.C.P. Member

    #1 Charging handle goes on other side opposite your pic. (i think you know that already)
    #2 Definitely take it back to Dunhams for possible exchange, may have to do some paperwork again NICS because of serial number.
    #3 If none of the above works CALL Hi Point they will tell you what to do. Either send it in or they will send you a new bolt to install yourself.
    Optional #4 get the proper tap and tap threads yourself (thats what i would do).
  10. Try screwing the charging handle in on the left hand side of the weapon, I think you'll have better luck....
  11. Aran

    Aran Member

    I know it goes in from the left, PrimalSeal. Take a close look - There's no thread in there, period. I just happened to get it to balance right in the window sill on that side so I'd have light behind it so you could see (My first few shots were with just the flash and the light on in the room and you couldn't see anything)

    As far as Dunham's goes, that was their last one in stock, though I'll give them a call once they open (I think 9am during the week) and then call Hi-Point after.

    Option 4 isn't a horrible one, A.C.P., but I'm the king of screwing up royally. I'd somehow end up without a hand, I imagine. :p
  12. I am not saying that you don't know anything about that weapon Aran, however, you are a new member of the forum, so I don't know what you do or do not know, so I had to point out the obvious just to be sure.

    Question: Have you tried to seat that charging handle all the way in before you twisted it? This may be a case of misaligned threads, not a case of no threads at all.

    Thanks for the pics BTW, that helped alot.
  13. Aran

    Aran Member

    I pushed it in all the way, and looking in from the other end could see it flush against the opening.
  14. If your gun shop won't warranty the weapon, we can give you the shipping information for you to send the weapon back to Hi-Point to be fixed for free, no questions asked. Let us know what you would like to do an we'll hook you up.
  15. Aran

    Aran Member

    It's almost $30 in gas round trip to Dunham's from here, and I know they won't have another in stock for a while (I asked) so I might as well just send it in.

    Heh... If my Civic didn't just get smashed up, I could drive out there and back in just over a tank of gas and a day off.
  16. Jarhead1775

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    The store that I purchased my 995 from didn't have it set up. They just hand you the box after they took the serial number off the gun. I had to put the charging handle on and the the sling. They move so many of these that it like buying from a fast food place drive-thru.

    I am sure Hi-Point will take care of you for your inconvenience with having to send it back. Where is their quality control? They must not of tested this carbine before it was shot? I would send back to them with a well written letter and see what happens.
  17. Joe Sixpack

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    you guys call him a troll need to take a chill pill, are you so inlove with your damn hipoints you dont think this kinda thing can happen?

    the shop i bought mine from had a display model i checked it out then they brought out one nib for the sell.. i gave it a once over and that was it.. the handle does NOT come preinstalled because the box does not have the room for it.

    similar to what jarhead said.

    i think the ones calling him a troll are them selves a troll in this situation.
  18. This is just my opinion, but it usually takes more than one or two posts to be able to positively identify a troll.

    Until then, give the person the benefit of the doubt, that they are 1) mistaken, or 2)actually have a problem of some sort.

    It probably leaves a sour taste in a new members mouth to be called a troll right off the bat when they come looking for help.

    Again, just my opinion.

    I do believe in the old saying "Don't feed the trolls, choke them instead" ;)
  19. screwylewie

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    Aran, I would call hi-point. They may just send you a new part instead of sending the whole gun in. They may want you to send the gun in though, obviously this gun made it through QC and shouldn't have, and they may want to examine the rest of the gun.