I just pulled rank on some fool....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rachgier, Feb 18, 2015.

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    So I was perusing the FB buy/sell gun pages and someone from NY was trying to sell a very used looking "NY compliant" Highpoint 995TSFG w/RDS to anyone in NY who would pay $375 for it. The FG and RDS were mom supplied.

    His claim that the pistol grip was NOT a pistol grip because the stock was a solid piece of molded plastic thus classifying the pistol grip as a mag well, and not a pistol grip. He was also selling it as compliant WITH a forward grip from mom (strike two), and WITH promag 15-rounder (strike 3). He also claimed you didn't have to register it in NYS but refused to do the transfer at a NY LGS. (Strikes 4 and 5)

    So I mentioned that there was a warranty issue with the 995 specifically and the promags, and how the FG and promag were illegal in NYS. And that MSRP for that particular setup was $397, including the promag. Then I dared him to meet me in Owego (his home town) at Lock and Load (the LGS I refuse to use) to try and sell it to me. I told him I would pay him $400 cash on the spot if they transferred it to me.

    He came unglued on me. His final line was, and how do you know so much about hi-points anyways.

    My response: "Have you been to Hi-Point's website?"
    Him: "Yeah so what, F you."
    Me: "Have you seen the link they give on the main site to go check out the hi-point forum to learn more about their firearms?"
    Him: "Yeah, so f-ing what, that place is a joke."
    Me: "I'm Bob, the Friendly HPFF Forum Gorilla, and new site Administrator for that forum."

    He never responded and the post blew up with the obligatory, "Damn son, you just got owned," type responses.

    I received 3 apology messages from the page admins in short order and he was banned from the page.
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    Did it have a "feel" of an entrapment attempt?

    Peace favor your sword,

  3. SteveC

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    Beaucoup public service points for you, Rach. Very cool.
  4. Rachgier

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    I was having so much fun I may, or may not, have giggled.
  5. Rachgier

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    I always like to rep HP when people go to bashing them on those pages, but this guy just deserved to take a telephone pole in the keister. I think being able to claim site Admin was the cherry on top of that particular telephone pole.
  6. hats off to you, you may very well have saved someone in the "if I can buy it, it must be legal here" school of thought from getting their selves into a situation when bragging about a newly acquired range toy.
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    Very nice Rach. Burn em...
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    "your friendly Giggly Forum Gorilla, Bob" :D

    I'm practically LOL'ing reading this!

    I think we could also call you the Forum Guerilla but that is a common tactic of moles... dig around and take a shot, flee to the tunnels and come up behind... POW! :eek:
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    Either that..... Or severely mentally challenged, to think SOMEONE isn't watching for that kinda stuff online.
  10. Rachgier

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    The NYSP and Broome County Sheriff's Department have posted on their FB pages about several arrests made for illegal possession and transfer of firearms that wouldn't have been possible without FB users. So not only are the LEO's watching, there are snitches everywhere.
  11. Bull

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    Smells like setup then...... And angry that you were busting his chops....
  12. Rachgier

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    He tried to sell it on his own post, and tried to jump over someone else selling her 995TS down in PA and refusing to sell to anyone in NY. He kept telling her to "make it compliant." Well, if his is compliant with the add-ons, how is her bone stock 995 NOT compliant already?

    The ONLY way a semi-automatic, pistol-gripped rifle doesn't have to be registered as an AR in NY is pinning the mags to hold no more than 5 rounds or permanently fixing a 10-round magazine to the weapon. There is no bullet button option in the law. Although the repubs are pushing to have that put in.

    I will say, I am willing to accept a bullet button as an option to get AR's back on the market here in NY. It's a start.
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    Sounds like an ATF troll or NY cops either way it was a setup and you owned him on it :D love it. I needed a smile with tending a sick cat.
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