I know Police Departments are Underfunded

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    But come on man, who are you gonna catch, really. :lol:

  2. Thayldt21

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    Vehicles like this are ussualy sherrifs department deputy, The one that serves eviction notices and sepina's for court appearance.

    Also here on Fort Riley a few of them drive Chevy Lumina's

    My Tuarus could out run them.

    SO there is a reason. CHeap good gas mileage and they serve there roll very well. They are not for intercepting like the Crown vic's or the CHevy capri Classic.

  3. Uraijit

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    That's about like the Ford Escort and Taurus police cars...
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    Here in SD the HP has had thier budget cut 2.1M and are considering buying dodge minivans for patrol units to save money. Can you imgine a caravan with a bublegum bar?

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    The HP should be all but eliminated anyway. All they are is tax collectors...

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    Hey everyone! It's Neo [back before you know what]


    No on a more serious note back in the 80's a little seaside town by where I used to live was given an Renault LaCar and they fixed it up and used it for a cruiser. They said it would wind thru the crowds and busy street in the summer better then full size cars. Nowdays they had patrols on bicyles ans motercycles
  7. The police did this so that when they finally get you to pull over you are laughing so hard you won't give any problems!! :roll:
  8. Here are a couple of stories about cops (not in the US but our 52'st state, Mexico).

    A few years back in Juarez (accros the border from my home town) the minicipality decided to that cops had to pay for their own gas for their patrol cars :shock: , so what happened, as soon as a cop flashed his lights, you could slam on the gas and they would not even attempt to chase you.

    Yesterday I hear the news that cops in Matamoros, Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo (accros the border in sourth Texas), have been walking the beat without guns for the last 8 days.... yes, cops without guns. The "federales" came in and took all their guns to do balistic checks to see if they were used in any crimes.

    No wonder people keep comming over here.
  9. We have a few minivans... they actually make traffic stops lol.
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    It is really jutst a joke pic. It is my kia that I use for a d/d with a light bar off of a police cruiser sat on top. It still makes me chuckle though. I got pulled over by a taurus, that was embarrasing enough. Sneaky sucker.

    I wonder if I could pass it off as real on some kia forums, that would be classic. They would be all jacked to see a spectra police car :lol:
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    Mexican police in border towns like Nuevo Laredo dont have any real authority anyway, other than harrasing, arresting, and shaking down vulnerable tourist. Mexico is controlled by drug lords and trafficers of drugs and humans. That is who runs that country. It is plain stupid to see a country with that many natural resources remain dirt poor and almost third world in the 21st century.
  12. Thayldt21

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    Being a light bar on your car makes it way funnier.

    I would love to tell you to go test it out in public but I am sure
    1. You are not dumb enough.
    2. Now the law.
    3. Would rather see some other idiot do it for you on a different car. IE not your car.
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    I dont know the laws here in Tennesse, but I did know the laws in Alabama then. The light bar was only sat on the car, never mounted, wired, or installed while driving. My buddy bought two police cars, with the bars on them. I am not an idiot, and dont care for the idea of imprisonment. You cant do that with the blue lens. If you want to change to white or yellow lenses, you can have a light bar, at least in Alabama. Blue and Red are big nono's. Being a mustang person, I know of a few people who have recreated the police package ssp mustangs, complete with light bar. The bar has to be covered at all times on the road if you have blue or red lenses.
  14. you can't outrun the radio.....
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    Then there are those small Village police forces who have to contend with all SORTS of edicts and requirements from central command when it comes to funding. Some require certain size cars, others require MPG.....

    ....But when you're in the UK and they require you to use a domestic made auto, well, you make due I suppose:


    And THEN there's always the smarta** in the department who shouts out "Hey, my cousin owns this dealership in Kent, and he can cut us a deal...". NEVER listen to him.

  16. Kagern

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    The local police here just got Dodge Chargers (supposedly Dodge basically gave them for free, they want to get brand rec up as cop cars). Kinda neat actually, they had to make some major mods. The entire steering column is different, to add a column shifter. Civ Chargers are only available with console shifters.

    I still like the Sheriff's rigs, big Chev Tahoes with mild lift kits and mud chuckers.
  17. our little town has a dodge charger for a cop car...they took it from some crack dealer in a neighboring town and gave it to us.....
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    Cool, I have a friend that was issued one of the Chargers as an interceptor car. I havent talked to him much since we moved, but from what I have heard he seems to like it.
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    The chargers are freaking sweet! I can't wait to get to use one as a patrol car!

    I'm hoping to get the new Camaro when it comes out, and then I can drive a Charger at work, and a Camaro when I'm off work. Best of both worlds!

    I have a computer with a touchscreen and whatnot installed in my Tahoe. It has a dash cam, and firefighter tags (my wife's a firefighter). People always think it's a cop car. It's kinda fun to mess with people...
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    Washington State Patrol knows how to move