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    What firearms do you consider cheap or SNS (Saturday Night Specials)? I am just curious as everyone has different opinions of different firearms.Some think an HP is a SNS. I am just curious as to what you guys think.
    Here is my list feel free to add to it.
    Galesi 9 (I think it is)
    Titan (hard to find in .22LR)
    Erma RX22 / Iver Johnson
    RG revolvers
    H&R revolvers (a tad bit above SNS IMO)
    Iver Johnson revolvers (a tad bit above SNS IMO)
  2. Rohm revolvers? (same as RG?)

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  4. According to McGarrett the US Armed Forces were armed with Saturday Night Specials.

    If it's on TV it's gotta be true!
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    Just like if it is said on the e net.
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    I currenty own 2 Saturday Night Specials. The first is a Raven P25, 25 acp caliber,6 shot,with 1 spare mag. The gun is nickel. Its wood grips I removed,sanded smooth,stained dark and then gloss clearcoated. The Second SNS is an F.I.E. Titan 25 acp,7 shot with 1 spare mag. It is all black with black grips.It looks like the Beretta pocket pistols in 22LR ,.25 and .32 calibers. The Raven snoozes in my Camaro Convertible's center console and the Titan sleeps in the Explorers center console.Both guns are loaded and the spare mags keep their brother's company. This Raven is my 3rd and the Titan is my 1st. Each of these guns fire flawlessly and without failure just as fast as I can squeeze the trigger and they double and triple tap with ease.Their low recoil allow you to have the confidence to get on and stay ontarget quickly. Each gun punches nasty groups in center mass,groin, neck and head on a regular basis.They have NEVER let me down after hundreds of rounds. They are my little carry and sometimes primary and back up guns and my carjacking insurance. They take down and clean almost like they enjoy the bath. They are SPECIAL to me EVERY NIGHT of the week.